7 Best DJ Software that Works with Apple Music

“Hi, I have a well curated collection of Apple Music playlists. I will be DJ in a friend’s party and I want to use these playlists to entertain everyone. Can you suggest me the best DJ app that work with Apple Music? Thanks.”

Apple Music has over 100 million songs that users can browse and create playlists for different occasions. Unlike Spotify, Apple Music does not have any DJ mode where you can blend and mix songs or add effects, loops, and transitions. You need to rely on third-party DJ apps that let you work with Apple Music.

We have compiled a list of the best DJ software that works with Apple Music. You can use these DJ apps to play and mix Apple Music songs that you have downloaded. Due to DRM protection, you cannot use Apple Music on any random DJ app. However, we have illustrated an alternative method if you want to play any Apple Music songs on any DJ app.

Part 1. 7 Best DJ Software for Apple Music

Not every DJ app is compatible with Apple Music. Only a few DJ apps are available from where you can get Apple Music songs and mix tracks as per your preference. Some are completely free, while advanced DJ apps are premium with features for professional DJs. Here are the best DJ apps for Apple Music.

1. Rekordbox

Rekordbox is a professional DJ application that supports Apple Music streaming services. You can turn your smartphone into a DJ controller where you can work with the huge collection of music libraries on Apple Music. The app has an excellent music analysis system, and the music management is outstanding for professional DJing activities.

Apart from Apple Music, the application is compatible with SoundCloud, Tidal, Beatport, and much more. Besides, you can get music tracks from your hard drive and cloud storage for DJing. The software is available for Windows and macOS users as well as for Android and iOS users. It is available for free with limited features, and you can purchase its plans to unlock advanced features.

Rekordbox - a professional DJ application that supports Apple Music

2. Serato DJ

Serato DJ is the most popular DJ software in the world, available for Windows and Mac users. The premium Pro version is for the experienced, while the free Lite version is for beginners. You can connect it to Apple Music and stream millions of music tracks in DJ mode. You can create instant mashups of your favorite tunes from playlists.

There is a practice mode available to get started, and once you master it, you can move to the performance mode. You get all the basic tools and options in the Lite version, while the advanced tools are reserved for the Pro version. There are ample tutorials available to get creative in your DJ journey with Apple Music.

Serato DJ - the most popular DJ software

3. Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ is another professional DJ software that is compatible with Apple Music. The software enables you to mix different components of an Apple Music song in real time. In fact, you get all the basic and advanced tools and feature sets for unleashing your creativity in the field of DJ. You can get instant instrumental versions of songs, remix songs, make smooth transitions, and fine-tune different components.

The user interface is powerful and smart. You can even add stunning visual effects to audio mixing. The visual can adjust to the music beats. There is a karaoke playback mode also available. The audio output quality is top-notch, and it is available for Windows and Mac users. There are different versions available for different levels of DJs.

virtual dj

4. djay Pro

DJAY Pro is a popular DJ application that is available across all platforms. The intuitive user interface has made it popular among beginners. The software employs artificial intelligence to separate vocal and instrumental versions of any music track. You can even isolate beats and drums from a song. There are different built-in AI algorithms available to mix songs and their components seamlessly.

You can connect it to Apple Music and apply a wide range of audio effects to get applause for your DJ skills. There are different types of transitions and faders available for the smooth mixing of songs. You can even create beats and remix songs based on them. You can manage everything from its smart music library. Besides, there are options for visual mixing with effects and animations.

DJAY Pro - popular DJ application for all platforms

5. Traktor DJ 2

If you are looking for free DJ apps that work with Apple Music, this one should top the list. The software is available for Windows, Mac as well as iPad users. You will find integration options for Apple Music and SoundCloud. The software comes with all the basic tools for DJing. You can mix tracks and add effects effortlessly. There is a built-in mix recorder available to record your remixes.

The user interface is very simple and easy for beginners. The application recommends songs to you for better compilation. There are different tools available to adjust the various audio components of a song. The software also supports real-time mixing of music tracks for live DJ performances. You can listen to the audio before you mix and play them to the live audience.

Traktor DJ 2 - free DJ apps that work with Apple Music

6. MegaSeg

MegaSeg is a popular DJ application among macOS users. The software supports MacBook, iMac as well as Mac Mini. There are advanced DJ and VJ mixing tools available to get outstanding output. MegaSeg works perfectly with Apple Music, and you can do live and automatic mixing of music tracks. Besides, there are options available for beat and tempo matching with a single click.

You get access to a host of audio effects that you can trigger with hotkeys. You can also schedule playlists with intelligent rotation options. The visual effects are equally stunning. The software supports teamwork and collaboration. You can load the downloaded Apple Music songs on MegaSeg and play them offline in DJ mode.

MegaSeg - popular DJ application among macOS users

7. Mixonset

Mixonset is considered to be the best DJ app for Apple Music. The app is exclusively available for iPhone and iPad users. It is the only app that works with Apple Music and Spotify Premium. Therefore, the users can get an unlimited collection of music to showcase their DJ skills. The app uses artificial intelligence to identify the perfect mix points and add smooth transitions between music tracks.

You can shorten songs and cut out the main parts in the Highlight Mode. The innovative SmartMix mashes up the songs without running the ongoing vibes. The app is compatible with SoundCloud and Tidal. The app comes free but with in-app purchase options to unlock different tools and features.

Mixonset - the best DJ app for Apple Music

Part 2. How to DJ with Apple Music on Any DJ App?

We have already stated that there are only a few DJ apps that work with Apple Music. However, most professional DJs use advanced DJ software applications that do not support Apple Music. If you want to use Apple Music songs on any DJ app, you need to remove DRM protection from them and convert them to a supported audio file format. You need a professional Apple Music converter to remove DRM protection and convert them to MP3 or M4A formats.

We recommend HitPaw Apple Music Converter, through which you can remove DRM protection and convert any Apple Music tracks to MP3, M4A, and even WAV formats. The converter ensures that there is no loss in audio quality during the conversion process. The converted Apple Music songs will retain metadata and ID3 tags for better organization.

All you need to do is install HitPaw Apple Music Converter on your computer. Use its built-in Apple Music web player to browse any song that you want to convert. You get to select the audio format along with different audio parameters as per your requirements. After that, you can play the unprotected and converted Apple Music song on any DJ app without any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (DJ App for Apple Music)

Does Apple Music have a DJ like Spotify?

No, Apple Music does not have a dedicated DJ mode like Spotify. That is why you need to use a third-party DJ app that works with Apple Music, like Rekordbox.

Which DJ app works best with Apple Music?

Starting from Mixonset and MegaSeg to Rekordbox and Serato DJ, all the compatible DJ apps work well with Apple Music. Overall, Mixonset is the best DJ app that works best with Apple Music.

What DJ software works with Spotify and Apple Music?

Mixonset is the DJ software that works well with Apple Music as well as Spotify. Most of the DJ apps that work with Apple Music support SoundCloud and Tidal.

Can you DJ using an iPhone?

Yes, you can DJ with your iPhone by installing the Mixonset DJ app. After that, you can connect to Apple Music, mix music tracks, and perform different DJ actions.

How do I use Apple Music on Traktor?

You need to convert Apple Music to MP3 file format using HitPaw Apple Music Converter. Therefore, you can play converted Apple Music songs on Traktor for DJing.


Getting legitimate software to be a DJ with Apple Music is not easy. There are only a handful of applications available, and we have compiled a list of them for your consideration. You should go through their features and device compatibility before choosing one. If you want to play Apple Music on any DJ app without any restriction, you need to remove DRM protection and convert tracks into MP3 format. You can use HitPaw Apple Music Converter to DJ with Apple Music on any DJ app seamlessly.

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