HitPaw Apple Music Converter Review

HitPaw Apple Music Converter is a comprehensive tool that you can use to convert Apple and iTunes music to MP3, M4A, and WAV file formats. The converter removes the DRM protection from music files and converts them into your desired file format, keeping the original music quality intact. Here are the key features of the HitPaw Apple Music Converter.

  • Instant conversion of Apple music with built-in web player
  • Converts into MP3, M4A, and WAV file formats
  • Removes DRM protection but preserves metadata and ID3 tags
  • Ensures original music quality stays intact after conversion
  • Can convert iTunes music as well as Audible ebooks
  • Supports batch conversion with 120X speed

HitPaw Apple Music Converter is available for Windows and Mac users. The built-in web player lets you download any Apple Music with a single click. You can download individual songs, full albums, and entire playlists.

The software allows editing audio parameters such as bitrate, sample rate, and channels. You get a basic audio editor to merge and cut audio files per your requirements. Overall, HitPaw is an excellent Apple Music converter worth purchasing.

What I like (Pros)

HitPaw works for all Apply Music tracks and removes DRM protection effectively but keeps ID3 tags intact. There is no need to copy any link as you can use the web player to browse Apple Music and download any song instantly. You can adjust the audio output parameters as per your requirements.

What I don’t like (Cons)

The free version allows converting only one Apple Music, and that too only 1/3rd of the duration of the song. The conversion speed gets slow in batch conversion. The audio editor is very basic, which leaves a lot to desire.

What Does HitPaw Apple Music Converter Do?

HitPaw Apple Music Converter is an application for Windows and Mac users that allows you to convert Apple Music into MP3, M4A, and WAV file formats. It ensures lossless conversion so that the converted audio file has the original audio quality.

HitPaw Apple Music Converter removes DRM protection so you can play the converted audio files in any audio player and music device. You can set the output parameters before converting any Apple Music, and the converted audio file will have the desired audio settings.

Is HitPaw Apple Music Converter Safe?

Yes, HitPaw Apple Music Converter is completely safe to use. I downloaded the application on my Windows PC and MacBook and tested it with a premium antivirus. The antivirus did not detect any abnormalities. HitPaw has positive reviews from genuine users across all online review platforms.

HitPaw does not download any virus or malware when you download Apple Music. You can use the converted songs for personal use. It is not legal to distribute DRM-protected Apple Music for commercial purposes. You can safely use the software on your computer without any security issues.

Is HitPaw Apple Music Converter Free?

HitPaw Apple Music Converter is not free. But, a free trial version is available for users to try out its features and functionalities. The trial version allows converting one Apple Music to any desired file format. But the converted audio file will have only 1/3rd of the duration of the original Apple Music song.

How Much Does HitPaw Apple Music Converter Cost?

HitPaw Apple Music Converter costs $79.95 for a perpetual full-time license. The annual full-featured license costs $39.95, while the monthly full-featured license costs $19.95.

HitPaw Apple Music Converter Review: What’s In It for You?

The first thought that should have come to your mind is if the HitPaw is worth purchasing. We will go through all the features of the converter to understand what you get for what you spend. Here is the complete HitPaw Apple Music Converter review that will help you to decide.

Convert and Download Apple Music

Apple Music is extremely popular among Apple device users. You can stream millions of songs in superior quality. But Apple Music cannot be downloaded and played on non-Apple devices due to DRM protection. That is where the HitPaw Apple Music Converter comes in handy.

You can convert and download songs from Apple Music in popular audio file formats on your computer. These converted Apple Music songs do not have DRM protection; hence, you can transfer them to any device and play them on any music player.

MP3 is the most popular audio file format among Windows users, and most music playing application supports playing MP3 audio. M4A is a popular audio file format among Apple users suitable for songs, podcasts, and audiobooks. WAV is a lossless audio file format that does not compress the audio quality and ensures original and superior audio quality.

HitPaw lets you convert Apple Music to MP3, M4A, and WAV. WAV should be your preferred audio format for the original audio quality. If you want to play Apple Music on your audio player, MP3 should be your default choice. M4A should be the go-to audio file format for any Apple device user to convert.

Convert Instantly from Built-in Web Player

HitPaw Apple Music Converter has an inbuilt web player through which you can log into your Apple Music account and play any song. This web player lets you instantly download any song you are listening to. In most converters, you must paste the link of the Apple Music song that is copied separately.

HitPaw makes it easier for you to download with the built-in web player. There is no need to install iTunes on your computer. It takes a single click to download any song, album, or playlist on your computer after you browse or search on Apple Music through the web player.

Remove Protection But Retain Metadata

Apple Music comes with DRM protection that restricts you from transferring and playing the downloaded songs in the third-party music player. This means you can download songs from Apple Music and play them offline in Apple Music only. You cannot transfer them to any device and play them like your home theater.

HitPaw Apple Music Converter removes DRM protection from Apple Music and converts them to a different audio file format. The converted audio files can be transferred to any device and played with a third-party music player besides Apple Music. But HitPaw retains useful metadata and ID3 tags like title, genre, and album. These metadata help identify and organize songs in the digital library. In fact, you can even customize the available metadata as per your requirements.

Convert Apple Music Without Losing Quality

HitPaw Apple Music Converter ensures lossless conversion of Apple Music to the selected MP3. Any Apple Music song’s audio qualities and parameters will stay the same after converting into any audio file format. Besides, HitPaw allows you to select different audio parameters like bitrate per your requirements.

HitPaw allows batch conversion, which means you can download multiple songs and an entire playlist or album at once. The converter claims to convert music tracks 120 times faster speed. You can cut or merge converted audio files through the built-in audio edition.

How to Use HitPaw Apple Music Converter

Text Guide

Here are the simple steps to use HitPaw Apple Music Converter to convert Apple Music to MP3.

Step 1: Download and install the HitPaw Video Converter on your computer. Launch the converter and go to the Toolbox tab. Click on the Apple Music Converter.

HitPaw apple music converter

Step 2: The built-in web player will open Apple Music. Log into your Apple Music account before browsing and converting any music.

Sign in with your apple id on HitPaw Apple Music Converter

Step 3: Browse or search for the song you want to download from the left panel. Open the song and click the Download button by the side of the address bar. Instead of any particular song, you can search and download the entire album or playlist similarly.

Click Download in Apple Music

Step 4: Select the output audio format from the Convert All To option. You can set the bitrate and the destination to save the converted songs.

select output format for Apple Music

Step 5: Finally, click on the Convert All button. Wait for the converter to convert all the selected songs to the selected audio file format. After that, you can visit the destination folder to find the converted Apple Music songs.

HitPaw Apple Music Converter converting apple music

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Where to Download HitPaw Apple Music Converter?

You can download HitPaw Apple Music Converter from the official website.

Alternatives to HitPaw Apple Music Converter

1. Viwizard Audio Converter

Viwizard Audio Converter is a feature-rich tool that allows converting Apple Music to different popular audio file formats. Apart from MP3, M4A, and WAV, the tool can also convert Apple Music to AAC, FLAC, and M4B formats. Besides, you can convert iTunes Music and Audible podcasts successfully.

You can customize the audio parameters like speed, bitrate, channel, etc. Besides, you can edit out the audio information like title, genre, and so on. You can also split audio files for better organization. The tool retains high quality after conversion. It is available for Windows and Mac users.

2. NoteBurner iTunes Audio Converter

NoteBurner iTunes Audio Converter claims to be the best Apple Music converter. It can convert Apple Music to MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF, ALAC, and FLAC. The tool keeps the original quality of the audio intact, along with ID3 tags and even lyrics. The user interface is easy to operate and works for podcasts and audiobooks.

After the conversion, the files stay in DRM unprotected mode; hence, you can transfer them to any device. The tool supports 10 times faster speed. You can customize metadata and burn converted audio files to CDs with a single click. However, the price plans are more expensive than the HitPaw Apple Music Converter.

FAQs About HitPaw Apple Music Converter

Are Apple Music converters legal?

Yes, converting Apple Music and downloading it in a non-DRM protection format is legal. However, it is illegal to distribute the converted Apple Music songs commercially. You can use the converted Apple Music songs for personal use, like playing them on your personal devices and music players.

How do I remove DRM from Apple Music?

The only way to remove DRM protection from Apple Music is by using a legitimate Apple Music converter. For example, HitPaw Apple Music Converter can remove DRM protection from Apple Music and convert them to MP3, M4A, or WAV.

Do converted music files have the same quality as Apple Music?

If you use a reliable converter like HitPaw Apple Music Converter that supports lossless conversion, the converted music file will have the original audio quality as Apple Music. HitPaw also allows you to adjust the audio parameters for the desired output quality.


HitPaw Apple Music Converter is an excellent converter with all the desired features that you expect from a converter. You get the original audio quality and ID3 tags in the converted audio files. The built-in web player makes it super easy for users to download any Apple Music song instantly. The different choices of file formats and audio parameters are highly useful. Overall, we recommend the HitPaw Converter to anyone who wants to remove DRM protection and get the lossless conversion for Apple Music.

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