Spotify AI DJ: Where to Find and How to Use It?

Before knowing what Spotify AI DJ is, how to use it, and how it works, it is essential to know a brief history of the feature.

Rolled out for the US and Canada in February 2023, Spotify AI DJ is expanded across 50 countries at the time of this writing. Also, considering Spotify’s history, you can expect AI DJ to become available for all 178 countries pretty soon.

Now that you know when the new feature came into existence, it is time to understand what it is, see where to find it, and learn how to get Spotify DJ. The following sections cover all these aspects in detail.

What Is Spotify AI DJ?

Spotify AI DJ is a new feature integrated into Spotify, and it recommends songs based on your interests and listening history. Although most streaming platforms offer this to their users, Spotify AI DJ is different because it uses OpenAI-powered algorithms to generate curated lists of music tracks according to your taste in music.

In addition, AI DJ caps each song with a commentary that sounds like a real DJ and produces an ambiance to give you a feeling of a live DJ program hosted by a human. The fact is that such acoustics are generated through Spotify’s recently acquired venture, Sonantic.

The DJ-like narration informs how AI picked the track for you with its other relevant details.

Where to Find Spotify DJ?

As long as you have the latest version of Spotify installed and reside in the region where AI DJ is available, you may see it instantaneously. However, before knowing where to find Spotify DJ, you must check if you meet the following prerequisites and that Spotify AI DJ is available in your area in the first place:


  • Subscription Type: At the time of this writing, Spotify AI DJ is available only to Premium subscribers. As a free user, you won’t have access to the feature.
  • Availability: Spotify AI DJ is available only on iOS and Android devices at the time of this writing. You cannot use the feature if you’re using the PC version of the app.
  • Geographic Limitations: Check if Spotify AI DJ is available in your region. As of August 08, 2023, Spotify makes AI DJ available for 50 countries, and you can check if yours is on the list here.

Once all the above prerequisites are met, you can learn where to find Spotify DJ using the following steps:

  • Launch Spotify on your Android or iOS smartphone
  • Ensure that you are on the Home screen
  • Tap the Music tag from the top of the interface to get to the Music window
  • Notice the AI DJ symbol at the center of the screen

How to Use Spotify AI DJ?

After locating Spotify AI DJ, how to use it is the next question that may come to your mind.

Because Spotify DJ is powered by OpenAI, it mostly works automatically. Also, because the feature uses powerful algorithms in the background, listening to your favorite music and discovering new tracks according to your taste is now merely a matter of one tap.

You can follow the instructions given below to start using Spotify AI DJ:

  • Go to the Music screen as explained earlier
  • Tap the Spotify AI DJ icon from the center to start streaming
  • While streaming, if you don’t like a track, you can tap the AI DJ icon to change it

Note: As a result, Spotify AI DJ learns about the kind of music you are not interested in, and it will stop recommending such tracks.

How Does Spotify AI DJ Work?

Powered by OpenAI, Spotify AI DJ uses algorithms to learn your listening habits and your taste in music. Even during its initial learning phase, AI DJ recommends relevant songs based on your prior streams. As time passes and the more you use Spotify, the more informed its AI DJ becomes and suggests tracks more accurately.

Furthermore, each song that Spotify AI DJ recommends accompanies a commentary that shares details about the track and tells why and how AI picked it for you. Also, the commentary is in a real-like voice generated with Sonantic, a company that Spotify acquired around a year ago.

FAQs About Spotify AI DJ

I cannot see AI DJ in my Spotify app?

In such a case, make sure you are using the latest version of the Spotify app and live in the region where AI DJ is available.

Spotify is available in my country, and I am using the latest version of the app, too. I still can’t access Spotify DJ?

AI DJ is available only for Spotify Premium users at the time of this writing. After meeting all the prerequisites, if you still can’t use AI DJ, make sure you have subscribed to a Spotify Premium plan.

How does Spotify AI DJ know which type of music I like the most?

AI DJ checks your listening history and learns about your taste in music from it. The more you use Spotify, the better AI DJ gets and the more accurate its recommendations become. Also, learning your listening behavior is a never-ending process for AI DJ, and it automatically updates its recommendation patterns according to your likes and dislikes.

Why can’t I disable AI voice or change the spoken language in Spotify DJ?

As of now, none of these features are available, at least not for the public. To get rid of the AI voice, you must switch to the free account at the cost of being interrupted by advertisements that come up every 12 to 15 minutes of streaming.


While it is easy to learn how to get Spotify DJ and even easier to know where to find Spotify DJ, the most challenging thing about the feature is that it is not available in all countries across the globe. In addition, after understanding Spotify AI DJ, how to use it is another task many users find complex unless they somehow stumble upon this guide.

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