Is Neil Young Back on Spotify? Why Did He Leave Spotify Before?

Before discussing if Neil Young is back on Spotify, it would be better to know who he is.

Born on November 12, 1945, in Canada, Neil Percival Young, commonly known as Neil Young, is a Canadian-American songwriter and singer who entered the music world in 1960 when he was 15. Some of Young’s popular numbers include “Down by the River” (1969), “Rockin’ in the Free World” (1989), and many more.

With the kind of energy Neil has, even at the age of 77, he is still active in the industry.

Is Neil Young Back on Spotify?

Neil took a harsh stance in 2020 with a statement that he would never come back to Spotify and swiftly pulled down all his music from the portal. Post his departure, Young started emphasizing other streaming platforms like Apple Music, Qobuz, Amazon Prime Music, etc., which, according to him, offered significantly superior sound quality.

However, the dispute between Young and Spotify ended with a mutual agreement, and the singer returned in February 2021. After that, Spotify restored all his tracks to its library so people could listen to his songs.

How to Find Neil Young on Spotify?

Today, the singer is active on Spotify.

As Neil Young is back on Spotify, searching and streaming all his music on mobile or PC apps and web players is simple, and the procedure is identical to what you do to find other artists.

Nevertheless, for your convenience, the process to locate and stream Neil Young’s music on Spotify is given below:

Note: This method takes you directly to Neil Young’s profile, where you can find all his music in one place. Although iPhone 13 Pro Max is used here for illustrations, the process remains the same for all iOS and Android devices, the PC app, and the web interface.

Step 1: Enter the Search Mode

Launch Spotify on your smartphone and tap the Search (Magnifying Glass) icon from the bottom. On the Search screen, tap inside the What do you want to listen to field at the top.

Search on Spotify

Step 2: Go to Neil Young’s Profile

In the input field, type Neil Young and tap Neil Young from the results list to go to his profile screen on Spotify.

Search Neil Young on Spotify

Step 3: Start Streaming Neil Young’s Music

Scroll Young’s profile to locate and tap your favorite track by him to start streaming.

Steam Neil Young's music on Spotify

Why Did Neil Young Leave Spotify Before?

The issue began in early 2020 when Neil realized some false information about COVID-19 being conveyed in one of Joe Rogan’s podcasts. When Neil Young informed Spotify about this, the management refused to pull down the podcast from its library or take any other action to repair the damage.

This act by the portal was the inception of the disagreement between the streaming channel and Young, which further took a bad shape when the artist also questioned the quality of the audio it streams. Neal also mentioned that Spotify no longer values customer satisfaction or believes in delivering quality output, but is more inclined toward fundraising, with the only mission of commercial gains in mind.

After such a bad experience, Neil Young decided to quit Spotify forever and made an official statement about it. Young then swiftly removed all his music from Spotify and switched to its competitors, leaving his fans curiously asking, Will Need Young ever come back to Spotify?

Thankfully, he did.

FAQs About Neil Young on Spotify

Where can I listen to Neil Young’s songs if I don’t have Spotify?

You can search for his songs on Apple Music, Amazon Prime Music, and Qobuz for high-quality audio. If you are not much quality conscious and merely want to listen to his songs on your normal headphones or speaker system, you can find almost all his tracks on YouTube. The good news is, with the YouTube Premium subscription, you can listen to Neil Young’s audio tracks (audio only) on the YouTube Music app.

Why did Neil Young return to Spotify?

While no official statement from Neil or Spotify is available, rumors say that the two have a mutual agreement upon something that resulted in Young’s comeback to Spotify. It is also possible Spotify’s huge subscriber database across the globe influenced Neil to join Spotify again so he can reach more audiences.

Is Neil Young active on Spotify?

At the time of this writing, Neil Young had an active profile on Spotify, with almost all his music available to the listeners. In addition, you can also find him on Apple Music, Amazon Prime Music, and YouTube.

Are Neil Young songs available for download on Spotify?

If you are a Spotify Premium user, you can download Neil Young or any other artist’s songs for offline listening. However, even in offline mode, you must use the Spotify app to listen to his songs. To get rid of this restriction, you can use an efficient third-party program like HitPaw Spotify Music Converter that allows you to download and convert Spotify music to MP3. After conversion, you can listen to the audio on your favorite media player or app.

Can Neil Young leave Spotify again?

Although it is hard to predict, it is unlikely that he would do that. This is because switching in and out of a portal frequently may damage his reputation, which, as a public figure, he cannot afford. That said, even if he plans to quit Spotify again, it’s not happening anytime soon.


After his disagreement and later disappointment with the portal, many fans started wondering why isn’t Neil Young on Spotify. Well, now that the reason is clear, you can listen to his music on the streaming channel as before as Neil Young is back on Spotify with all his tracks available to the audience.

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