[Explained] Why Isn’t Garth Brooks on Spotify?

If you are a country music lover, you must be a big fan of Garth Brooks. Garth Brooks is a legend in the country music genre because of his fusion of pop and rock with country music. The two-time Grammy winner is the second-highest certified music artist in the United States. But you will be shocked when you try to find Garth Brooks’s music on Spotify.

We often get a question, “Why is Garth Brooks not on Spotify?” Spotify is the largest digital music streaming service in the world. Yet, it does not have a music collection of one of the most popular and best-selling music artists in the world. We will understand why isn’t Garth Brooks on Spotify and answer if Garth Brooks even intends to be on Spotify.

Who Is Garth Brooks?

Troyal Garth Brooks is a popular country singer from the US. He specializes in incorporating pop and rock into the country music genre. Garth has won two Grammy Awards along with 17 American Music awards. He is an undisputed king and country music legend with nine successful albums.

Garth Brooks is one of the best-selling artists of all time, with over 170 million records sold throughout his career. He also holds the prestigious credit of the best-selling solo album artist in the US. His singing career expands over three decades with 11 studio albums, and he is equally renowned for his live performances.

Reason Behind Garth Brooks Isn’t on Spotify

It comes as a shock to country music lovers that Garth Brooks is available on Amazon Music but not on Spotify. Here are the possible reasons responsible for the unavailability of Garth Brooks on Spotify.

  • Garth Brooks has not given the license to Spotify to stream his musical content.
  • Garth Brooks has disagreed with the compensation offered by Spotify.
  • Garth Brooks values broadcasting on radio more than online music streaming.
  • Garth Brooks does not want to offer the skip option to the listeners so that they listen to all the songs in an album for an immersive listening experience.
  • Garth Brooks earns more by selling albums physically than he could by making them available online.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek Personally Spoke with Garth Brooks

Owing to repeated demands from Spotify users, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek met with Garth Brooks to convince him to give them a license to stream his music. But Daniel Ek and Garth Brooks could not reach an agreement, and hence, Garth Brooks’s music is still unavailable on Spotify.

Garth Brooks has acknowledged meeting Daniel Ek personally, and he has appreciated Daniel Ek for reaching out to him in person. Daniel Ek’s parents were musicians, and hence, he has a great understanding of music, which helps him in negotiating with music artists.

But Garth Brooks was stubborn with his decision not to make his music available on Spotify. He clearly gave him the reason why his music is not yet there on Spotify. Garth Brooks said that Spotify does not pay enough to the music content creators. He does not like the fact that users can access music for free, which devalues the content they are streaming.

Spotify’s Reply on Garth Brooks Availability

Spotify has not disclosed anything meaningful publicly regarding Garth Brooks not on Spotify. However, the Spotify support team has replied to a question in the Spotify community on the issue. They have said that they want all the music artists on Spotify, but there are some artists with whom agreements cannot be reached.

They have said that the missing artists on Spotify can appear sooner rather than later. Furthermore, they have urged Spotify users who love Garth Brooks to write to him directly and know when he plans to join the Spotify platform. It is difficult to conclude anything from Spotify’s reply on Garth Brooks’s availability.

Where to Find the Songs of Garth Brooks?

Before 2016, you needed to walk into Walmart and purchase music CDs of Garth Brooks albums. Walmart had the license for the distribution of Garth Brooks albums. But in October 2016, Garth Brooks signed a deal with Amazon Music. According to the deal, Amazon Music has the exclusive right to stream Garth Brooks songs on their platforms.

If you want to listen to Garth Brooks, you need to get an Amazon Prime membership. Amazon Music is the only way to listen to Garth Brooks songs online. If you are a Spotify or Apple Music user, Garth Brooks is still not available for you. Therefore, you can switch to an Amazon Prime membership or buy physical CDs of Garth Brooks’s albums.

Why Can’t I find Garth Brooks’s Songs on Spotify?

You cannot find Garth Brooks’s songs on Spotify because there aren’t Garth Brooks’s songs on Spotify. Spotify does not have a license from Garth Brooks to stream his songs on their platform. You need to wait until Garth Brooks signs a deal with Spotify, though it is unlikely to happen in the near future. Instead of waiting, you can switch to Amazon Music, where you can stream Garth Brooks’s songs if you have Amazon Prime membership.

Frequently Asked Questions About Garth Brooks with Spotify

Will Garth Brooks Ever Go to Spotify?

Currently, Garth Brooks has an exclusive deal with Amazon Music since 2016. Unless the deal with Amazon Music expires, Garth Brooks cannot sign a new deal with Spotify. So, there is a possibility that he can go to Spotify after Amazon Music’s deal is over.

Will Garth Brooks not on Spotify hurt his legacy?

Spotify is the most popular online music streaming platform. Every experienced music artist wants to be on Spotify to keep their legacies alive, as most Spotify users are young users. So, there can be a dent in Garth Brooks’s legacy, but the effect will not be significant as Garth Brooks’s songs are available on Amazon Music.

Is Garth Brooks available on Apple Music?

No, Garth Brooks’s songs are not available on Apple Music and Spotify. This is because Garth Brooks has an exclusive deal with Amazon Music, where all songs of Garth Brooks are available for digital streaming.

Why does Garth Brooks refuse to make his songs available on Spotify?

Garth Brooks refused the Spotify deal because he felt that Spotify does not pay enough to the music artists. He does not like the fact that Spotify users can stream music for free, which devalues the artist’s music.

Is Garth Brooks on Spotify available for premium users only?

No, Garth Brooks’s music is not available for free or premium users. Spotify does not have the right to stream Garth Brooks’s music. But if you want to listen to Garth Brooks’s songs, you can head over to Amazon Music.


We have answered your question, “Why is Garth Brooks music not on Spotify?” Basically, Garth Brooks does not want to give Spotify the license to stream his songs. He is not happy with Spotify’s compensation policy, as well as the free membership of users on the platform. Currently, he has a deal in place with Amazon Music. So, if you want to listen to Garth Brooks’s songs, you need to be an Amazon Prime member.

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