[Explained] Why Does Spotify Need My Address?

Curious about why Spotify needs your address? It’s not a random request. Your address serves specific purposes for Spotify, like verifying subscription eligibility. The good news is Spotify’s Privacy Policy is designed to protect your data. Nevertheless, it is important to understand the ‘why’ behind Spotify’s address requirement.

Why Spotify Needs Your Address

Scroll down to learn why Spotify requires your address, what purpose it serves, and whether you should be concerned.

Why Does Spotify Need My Address?

Before diving into the reasons why Spotify requires your address, it is essential to note that Spotify takes data privacy seriously. According to Spotify’s Privacy Policy, any information collected from the users is securely stored and used only for specific and outlined purposes.

Here’s why Spotify asks for your address:

Eligibility for Subscription Plans

The primary reason Spotify asks for your address is to verify your eligibility for their subscription plans. For context, the Spotify Premium Family plan is only for members who reside at the same address. So, queries for your address requirement help Spotify prevent the misuse of family plans and offer them at discounted rates.

Another important reason is to comply with the legal and music licensing agreements that Spotify makes with artists and music companies. Music licensing laws differ from country to country. Knowing your location allows Spotify to provide a catalog of legally available songs within your jurisdiction.

Billing and Payment Verification

Of course, your address plays a big role in billing. Spotify uses your address as an additional layer of verification to confirm the authenticity of the payment method being used.

Tax Compliance for Accurate Billing

Spotify might ask for your address to figure out the right taxes that apply to your subscription. This helps them follow the law in your area.

In simpler terms, knowing where you live helps Spotify charge you the correct amount of tax on your subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spotify Address

1. Does Spotify Track Your Location?

No, Spotify doesn’t track your location but asks for address verification in these cases:

  • When joining the Family Plan.
  • If the plan manager changes their address.
  • For address confirmation if needed.

2. Can I Remove My Address from Spotify?

Yes. You can contact Spotify Support and request the removal of your address information. However, you will not be able to remove the address from Spotify’s mobile app or web portals. Additionally, removing your address will make you ineligible for certain subscription plans.

3. Can I Change My Address on Spotify?

Yes. Spotify allows you to change your address. However, the process of changing the address will vary depending on the subscription type. For instance, if you are a plan owner of a Premium Family account, only you can update the address. And other members on the plan will automatically be updated to the new address set by you. But Spotify will not allow them to change the address by themselves. 

Here’s how the plan owner can update the address:

  • Log in to your Spotify account.
  • Navigate to “Account Overview.
  • Click on “Premium Family.”
  • Update your address and save changes.

If you are on an individual plan or other subscription type, you can change the address via the “Account Overview” section like above.

4. Can You Use Spotify Premium Family If You Don’t Live Together?

Yes and no. Spotify Premium Family doesn’t continuously track the location of all members. Spotify only asks for the address during setup, requiring each member to enter the same address for verification. This is a one-time check, but the plan owner must update it if the address changes. So, you’re not required to be at the same location constantly. However, you do need to provide the same address during the initial setup or any subsequent updates.

5. Does Spotify Know If You Live at the Same Address?

No. As mentioned earlier, Spotify uses the address during the subscription process for Premium Family to verify that all members live at the same address. However, it does not continuously track your location to confirm this, whether you are on an individual plan or a family plan.

6. What Happens If I Move to a Different Country?

You’ll have to update your payment method to one that’s issued in your new country. And if needed, you can update your country settings in your Spotify account.

7. Is There an Alternative to Spotify That Doesn’t Require an Address for Family Plans?

Almost all music streaming platforms require your address for facilitating payments and validating subscriptions. You can use Gift Cards on some platforms if you do not want to share your address for payment.

8. How Often Does Spotify Verify Addresses for Family Plans?

Spotify occasionally verifies addresses for Premium Family plans to ensure that all family members reside at the same location. However, the frequency of these checks is not publicly disclosed.

9. Is My Address Shared with Third Parties by Spotify?

No. According to Spotify’s Privacy Policy, your personal data is not shared with third parties.

10. Is There a Way to Hide My Address on Spotify?

Spotify does not display your address publicly. It only uses your personal data, including your address, for internal verification and subscription purposes.

11. What Types of Payment Methods Require an Address on Spotify?

The address is standard for most online transactions, like Credit cards.


You now have a clear idea of why Spotify asks for your address. Remember, it is not a random request or for data collection. Your address allows Spotify to make your experience better on the platform. Importantly, it allows Spotify to comply with local laws.

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