Favorite Music Guru for Spotify: Find Your Top Artists & Tracks

Favorite Music Guru for Spotify is an independent third-party website that makes tracking your listening footprints and history on Spotify pretty convenient. Favorite Music Guru supports only Spotify at the time of this writing and offers a no-nonsense and straightforward interface. While the UI is vanilla, the nectar Music Guru produces is detailed and insightful.

Favorite Music Guru for Spotify – An Overview

Before getting into granular details about Favorite Music Guru for Spotify, it is crucial to have a glimpse of the web app. This section briefly explains what Favorite Music Guru is and how it works with Spotify.

What Is Favorite Music Guru for Spotify?

In a nutshell, Favorite Music Guru is a single-page website that shows your Spotify listening history for the past month, six months, and years. The page has multiple sections where you can find the names of top artists you listened to, top tracks, and the most recent items you played using Spotify PC or mobile app.

What Features Favorite Music Guru Offers?

As explained earlier, the website interface is vanilla and displays all the information it extracts from your Spotify profile on a single page. With that said Favorite Music Guru shows your entire listening history under one roof, making it easier to recall your old memories and get the names of the songs you may have forgotten.

How Does Favorite Music Guru Work?

Talking about functionality, Favorite Music Guru collects your listening footprints, typically the history, from your Spotify profile, segregates them into easily understandable sections and displays the details on your screen in a single-page format.

Because Favorite Music Guru for Spotify does not have several tabs or a navigation bar, you get all the information without any confusion and hassle that you may otherwise have to go through while navigating a website with a complex design.

How to Use Favorite Music Guru with Spotify

Now that you have a fair idea about Favorite Music Guru, it is time to learn how to get the best out of the web app. This section teaches how to use Favorite Music Guru with Spotify to extract the maximum juice.

How to Get Stat of Music Guru for Spotify?

To get details of your listening history, referred to as ‘Stat’ here, you must first allow Favorite Music Guru to access your Spotify profile. Once done, you will find all the required information on the page that opens next.

The step-by-step instructions on how to get this done are given below:

  • Launch a web browser on your computer or smartphone (a PC running Windows 11 is used here for illustrations.)
  • Go to https://favoritemusic.guru/
  • Enter your Spotify credentials (username and password) when/if Favorite Music Guru prompts
  • Click AGREE from the lower section of the page that opens next
allow Favorite Music Guru to access your Spotify profile
  • Wait while Favorite Music Guru pulls the listening history from your Spotify account
  • Check your Spotify statistics on the next page
Get Stat of Music Guru for Spotify

How to Find Artists and Tracks with Spotify Favorite Music Guru?

Finding artists and tracks with Favorite Music Guru for Spotify is pretty simple.

According to the web browser you are accessing Favorite Music Guru on, press the corresponding shortcut keys to bring up the ‘Find’ or ‘Search’ input field (usually Ctrl + F) and enter the name of your favorite artist or track to search.

The step-by-step procedure is given below:

Note: Mozilla Firefox is used here for illustrations.

  • Use the method explained in the previous section to get your Spotify statistics on the Favorite Music Guru web app
  • Press Ctrl + F on your keyboard to bring up the Find in page search box at the bottom-left corner
  • Check the Highlight All box next to the Find in page field
  • Enter the name of the artist or music track you wish to find
  • Notice that Favorite Music Guru highlighted all the text that matches the one you entered in the Find in page field
Find Artists and Tracks with Spotify Favorite Music Guru

What to Do If Favorite Music Guru Is Not Working?

While using Favorite Music Guru, sometimes, you may notice that the web app cannot connect with your Spotify account. Even if it does, it is unable to fetch your listening history from the profile. Because Favorite Music Guru is a web-based product, there is nothing much you can do apart from trying some tweaks on your device.

A couple of commonly used solutions are suggested below:

This method works when you can see your Spotify stats on the Favorite Music Guru page but do not match your listening history, probably due to entries from another Spotify account. In such a situation, you can sign out of the current Spotify, sign in to the correct one, and use the on-site link to connect Music Guru to the new profile. The two-part process is given below:

Part 1: Signing in to Your Spotify Account

  • Go to your Spotify account
  • Click your profile picture from the top-right
  • Click Log out from the menu and sign out
  • Sign in to your preferred account
  • Close the web browser

Part 2: On Favorite Music Guru

  • Relaunch the browser
  • Use the method explained above to connect Favorite Music Guru with your Spotify account
  • If you see the same window, scroll down to the bottom of the page
  • Click the try connecting to your browser’s current Spotify account link
try connecting to your browser’s current Spotify account
  • Follow the instructions from there to link Favorite Music Guru with your correct Spotify account
  • See if the issue is resolved

Solution 2: Clear DNS Cache

DNS Cache temporarily stores information about the websites you recently visited. Any entry that the DNS cache has comes with an expiration date, after which it becomes stale, and Windows removes it automatically from the list.

Now, what if the expiration date is yet to come, but the content of any website changes? In such a case, you will likely see stale info, which would be technically correct but irrelevant or useless.

Manually clearing the DNS cache removes all entries from the list so it can populate itself with updated details. The process to clean the DNS cache is given below:

  • Type CMD in the Search box in the Taskbar
  • Ensure that Command Prompt is selected in the results list
  • Click Run as administrator from the right menu
Run cmd as administrator on Windows
  • Click Yes on the User Account Control confirmation box
  • Type IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS in the Command Prompt window
  • Press Enter
Clear DNS Cache to fix Favorite Music Guru for Spotify not working
  • After the command executes successfully, try connecting Favorite Music Guru to your Spotify profile and see if the problem is fixed

Solution 3: Revoke and Reallow Favorite Music Guru Access Permissions

For this solution to work, you must access your Spotify account on a web browser, revoke all permissions you granted to Favorite Music Guru on the portal, and start from scratch. The method is given below:

  • Sign in to your Spotify account
  • Click your profile picture from the upper-right area
  • Click Account from the menu
  • On your account page, click Apps from the lower area of the navigation bar on the left
  • From the Manage Apps window on the right, click Remove Access for the Favorite Music Guru web app
Revoke Favorite Music Guru Access Permissions
  • Once done, close the entire web browser
  • Reopen it
  • Use the process explained earlier to relink your Spotify account with Favorite Music Guru from scratch
  • Check if the issue is resolved

Solution 4: Clear Browser Cookies

Although this may sound daunting, as Cookies help you access most visited websites quickly, sometimes, they may contain stale information that could redirect you to an older session of the web app you’re trying to reach.

In your case, deleting old Cookies ensures you land on the right page when you try to connect and use Favorite Music Guru with Spotify.

Depending on the web browser and the device you are using, the process of removing Cookies may vary. To get accurate information on how to perform the task, you must check with the browser’s help file or contact their customer support team.

FAQs About Favorite Music Guru for Spotify

Is Favorite Music Guru for Spotify safe?

Although Favorite Music Guru can only fetch your listening history, at any point, if you become suspicious, you can easily revoke its access from your Spotify account. After this, you may also want to change your Spotify password for further safety.

Is Favorite Music Guru free?

Yes. Using Favorite Music Guru is free, at least at the time of this writing.

Does Favorite Music Guru require Spotify Premium?

No. Favorite Music Guru works seamlessly for both free and premium Spotify users.

Can I check the listening history for multiple Spotify accounts using Favorite Music Guru?

While you can check the history of as many Spotify accounts as you want, the web app shows stats for only one ID at a time. To see the details of a different account, you must sign out from the current one on Spotify, sign in with the other account, and reconnect Favorite Music Guru with it.

Can I revoke Favorite Music Guru access on Spotify using a PC app?

To revoke access, you must go to your Spotify ‘Account’ page. Even if you use the PC app, as you click ‘Account’, the program redirects you to the Spotify website. Therefore, one way or the other, you will land on the web interface to get the job done.


With the no-nonsense and straightforward interface, Favorite Music Guru has a vanilla ambiance that may not look lucrative at first glance. However, the way it segregates your stats into sections and the details it adds to your information is applaudable. The web app tightly integrates with the streaming portal, and therefore, many people prefer using Favorite Music Guru for Spotify.

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