When Does Spotify Wrapped Come Out? (2023 Updated)

Many users have a question: when does Spotify Wrapped come out, and why does it matter? You may want to continue reading to get all your answers related to Spotify Wrapped and to know when Spotify Wrapped will come out this year, i.e., 2023.

What Is Spotify Wrapped?

First thing first, started in 2016, Spotify Wrapped is a summary of all your activities throughout the year on Spotify.

Although Spotify Wrapped is an annual event, it only monitors your actions from January 1 through October 31 each year when you use the portal. Spotify does this to collect the data for summarization. The type of info it saves includes the music you listened to most, your preferred genre, the artist whose tracks you listened to the most, etc.

When Does Spotify Wrapped 2023 Come Out?

Previous records state that Spotify Wrapped for 2021 came out on December 1, whereas for 2022, it rolled out on November 30 for most users across the globe. Therefore, for 2023, it’s still too early.

Because Spotify tracks your movements from January 1 through October 31, as explained above, at the time of this writing, it hasn’t completed the process yet. Once the calendar hits the October 31 threshold, the streaming music portal will start organizing everyone’s data to roll out Spotify Wrapped for the masses.

However, this again takes some time, and you can expect the Spotify Wrapped for 2023 somewhere by the end of November or at the beginning of December.

Also, Spotify Wrapped rolls out in stages. Therefore, your friend may see their Spotify Wrapped before you do. This distribution procedure may take a while, and you can expect the circulation to complete between November 25 and December 5.

What Does Spotify Wrapped Show You?

Spotify Wrapped collects all your Spotify activities throughout the year and categorizes your actions to make it easier for you to read and understand. The type of information Spotify Wrapped displays include:

  • Top Genres: This section contains information about the type of music you listened to throughout the current calendar year.
  • Minutes Listened: The value under this category shows how much time you spent on Spotify listening to your favorite music.
  • Audio Day: This shows your listening habits, i.e., how much time you spend listening to music in the morning, afternoon, evening, or night. The data it displays also contains information about the time of day you prefer to listen to the music most.
  • Top Songs: This category lists the music tracks you listened to the most between January 1 and October 31 for the current calendar year.
  • Top Song: Under this section, Spotify Wrapped displays the song you listened to the most throughout the year (repeated playbacks).
  • Top Artists: This category lists the artists whose music you listened to most the year.
  • Top Artist: This category shows the name of the artist whose music you listened to the most throughout the year.
  • Your Listing Personality: Your overall listing personality, i.e., the type of music you like, at what time of the day, and for how long, comes under this category. You can check this section to know your listening habits.

While you get the above Spotify Wrapped information as a user, if you are an artist or a music creator with your content on the portal, Spotify Wrapped shows analytics with details like for how many minutes your content was played, the number of users who got engaged with your creations, etc.

Types of Slides on Spotify Wrapped

After knowing when does Spotify Wrapped come out every year, you may also want to know what types of slides it comprises and what you can expect to see.

Although the above points covered almost everything you may need to know about the slides, a brief intro is given below for more clarity:

When your Spotify Wrapped comes out, you will see the event’s image on the smartphone version of the app with the ‘JUMP IN’ button at the lower area. When you tap the button, Spotify brings up a series of 10 slides with the following information:

  • Slide 1: Poster – A simple poster showing the year of Spotify Wrapper (2023 for this year) and the Welcome message.
  • Slide 2: Top Genres (Top 5) – This shows you the top 5 music genres you listened to during the Spotify tracking session of the year.
  • Slide 3: Total Playtime (in Minutes) – Displays the total time (in minutes) you used Spotify to listen to your favorite music.
  • Slide 4: Top Played Song – Tells you the song you played the most on Spotify.
  • Slide 5: Top Played Songs (Top 5) – This shows the top 5 songs you played the most on Spotify.
  • Slide 6: Top 100 Songs (Allows You to Add to Playlist) – This interactive slide allows you to add your top 100 favorite songs you played the most on Spotify to your custom playlist. This will help you quickly locate those tracks whenever you want to listen.
  • Slide 7: Top Artist (Including Playback Minutes) – This slide shows the top artist whose songs you played the most on Spotify.
  • Slide 8: Top 5 Artists – This slide contains the list of the top 5 artists whose songs you played the most on Spotify.
  • Slide 9/10: Thank You Slide(s) – These slides thank you for using Spotify and participating in the Spotify Wrapped event.

How to Find Old Spotify Wrapped?

You can follow the links given below to get to your old Spotify Wrapped page:

Note: Before proceeding, ensure you are signed in to your Spotify account.

Where Can You Share Spotify Wrapped?

You can share your Spotify Wrapped on almost all social media portals as long as you have an active account. These websites include:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp

As for Threads, the social media platform launched not less than a month ago (at the time of this writing), you may have to wait and see if Spotify cards have a button for sharing.

Why Can’t You See Your Spotify Wrapped?

If you are looking for your Spotify Wrapped for 2023, it’s still too early, as Spotify isn’t even done collecting your data yet. As explained earlier, Spotify tracks your activities for Wrapped from January 1 through October 31 each year. At the time of this writing (August), Spotify hasn’t gathered enough data to prepare Wrapped for its users.

Also, if you didn’t use Spotify between January 1 and October 31, you may not see your Spotify Wrapped for that year, as Spotify wouldn’t have any data about you to process.

However, if you wish to see older events and the above links fail to work, you may want to clear the Spotify cache. Even if that doesn’t help, you can sign out from your account on the app and sign back in.

The step-by-step instructions on both methods are given below:

Clear Spotify Cache

  • Launch Spotify on your iOS or Android phone (iPhone is used here for reference)
  • Tap the Settings icon from the top right corner
Tap the Settings icon on Spotify
  • On the Settings screen, scroll down and tap Storage
tap Storage on Spotify settings
  • Tap Clear cache on the Storage window
Tap Clear cache on Spotify storage
  • Tap Clear cache on the confirmation box to clear the Spotify cache

Sign Out of Spotify

  • Go to the Settings window as explained earlier
  • Scroll down to the bottom
  • Tap Log out
Tap Log out on Spotify
  • Tap Log out on the confirmation to sign out of your Spotify account
  • Sign back in to see if the issue is fixed

FAQs About Spotify Wrapped

Can I see everyone’s Spotify Wrapped details?

Not within the Spotify app. However, if they shared their Wrapped on a social media portal and you two are connected there, you can view their Spotify Wrapped information on their profile page.

When is Spotify Wrapped happening this year?

You can expect your Spotify Wrapped for 2023 anywhere between November 25 and December 5 this year.

What if I can’t see my Spotify Wrapped even after signing out and back in?

If for 2023, it’s too early as Spotify is still collecting your data. However, if you can’t see your previous Spotify Wrapped details, and even signing out and back in didn’t work, you can try uninstalling the app from your smartphone and reinstalling its latest version. This should resolve the problem.

Is Spotify Wrapped available for free users?

Spotify Wrapped is for both free and Premium users, and they have access to almost identical information. However, Premium members can access more detailed insights and personalized information, such as the number of new artists they discovered in the year, among those in their top 10 lists, etc.

Is Spotify Wrapped for all Spotify users?

Spotify treats every user equally in terms of Spotify Wrapped, so yes, it is available for all registered accounts across the globe unless the authorities of a country impose geo-specific restrictions, preventing users from getting their Wrapped


Every year, users ask when Spotify Wrapped will come out, and the answer is the same every time. While Spotify Wrapped summarizes all your activities, it also serves as your audio portfolio that tells people about your listening routine and the type of music you like. For this reason, people are always anxious to know when does Spotify Wrapped come out so they can share their profile on social media platforms to meet like-minded individuals.

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