How to Add Friends on Spotify

Learning how to add friends in Spotify is simple. Technically speaking, adding friends on Spotify means you two are following each other on the portal. This not only enables you to share your playlists but also helps you see the audio-related activities you both are involved in. Experiencing music of different flavors is yet another positive side of adding friends on Spotify.

Considering the above merits, this guide teaches how to add friends on Spotify using various methods on smartphones and PCs.

How to Add Friends on Spotify on a Computer?

If you are using the PC version of Spotify on Windows or Mac, the process of adding friends is pretty straightforward. You can follow the steps given below to get the job done:

Note: A PC running Windows 11 is used here for illustrations.

Step 1: Get to the Search Screen

Launch Spotify on your Windows or Mac PC and tap Search from the navigation bar on the left.

Step 2: Search for a Person to Follow

Type your friend’s name in the Search field and press Enter.

Step 3: Start Following Your Friend

Scroll down to the Profiles section and click the profile of your friend.

Find your friends on Spotify

On your friend’s profile window, click Follow to start following them.

Follow your friends on Spotify

As you do so, your friend gets a notification about your activity, and they can start following you back. Optionally, you can call or message your friend and request them to follow you so you both can be friends on Spotify.

How to Add Friends on Spotify on a Mobile Phone?

Spotify offers various ways to add friends via its smartphone app, and regardless of the platform, i.e., iOS or Android, the basic principle and processes remain the same. For your convenience, all the methods are covered in this section and are explained below:

Note: iPhone 13 Pro Max is used here for illustrations.

Method 1: Add Friends on Spotify with User Name

The simplest way is to search for your friend by their name. You can learn how to add friends on Spotify by searching their names in the following steps:

Step 1: Get to the Search Screen

Launch Spotify on your smartphone and tap the Search (Magnifying Glass) icon from the bottom-center.

Open search on Spotify

Step 2: Search and Go to Your Friend’s Profile

In the Search field, type the name of the person you want to add as a friend on Spotify and tap their profile from the results list.

Search your friends on Spotify Mobile

Step 3: Add the Person as a Friend on Spotify

Tap the Follow button on the person’s profile screen to start following them. As you do so, they will receive a notification to which they can respond by following you back.

Follow your friends on Spotify Mobile

Method 2: Add Friends on Spotify with Share

In this method, you share the URL of your Spotify profile with your friend so they can follow you. As they do, you get a notification, and you can use it to locate their profile and follow them back. The process is given below:

Step 1: Get to Your Profile Screen

Tap the Settings icon from the top-right corner and then tap your name from the top to go to your profile screen.

Your Profile on Spotify

Step 2: Get to the More options Screen

Tap the More options button (with three dots) under your name.

More option of your profile on Spotify

Step 3: Share Your Spotify Profile Link

Tap Share and tap your preferred option to share your profile link with the person you want to follow you.

Share your profile link with friends on Spotify

Method 3: Add Friends on Spotify Using Barcode

For this, you need a barcode that is unique to your profile. To add a person as your friend on Spotify, you must share the barcode with them so they can reach your Spotify profile and start following you. The process on how to add friends on Spotify using the barcode is given below:

  • Follow the process explained above to get to your profile’s More options screen
  • Tap your profile picture
Profile picture on Spotify
  • Tap SAVE TO PHOTOS under the photo with the barcode
Save profile picture as photo
  • Launch the Photos or Gallery app on your smartphone
  • Share your Spotify profile picture with the people you want to add as friends

Method 4: How to Add Friends on Spotify Using the Playlist

As the name suggests, in this method, you must request your friend (outside the app) to share their Spotify playlist with you. You can then access their playlist, tap their name under the playlist title, and tap ‘Follow’ to follow them.

For their part, they can follow you back as they receive a notification about you following them.

If you or your friend doesn’t know how to share a playlist on Spotify, you can learn the process from the following steps:

Note: For this method to work, ensure that the accessibility of the playlist you or your friend are sharing is set as ‘Public’.

  • Launch the Spotify app on your smartphone
  • Tap Your Library from the bottom-right corner
  • On the Your Library screen, tap the public playlist you want to share
  • Tap the Add User icon above the songs list
Add user on selected playlist on Spotify
  • On the Invite collaborators screen, use your preferred method to share the playlist’s link with your friend
invite friends to join your playlist on Spotify

Once your friend finds you on Spotify, you can start following each other.

Method 5: How to Add Friends on Spotify by Linking Facebook

In this method, you link your Facebook account with your Spotify profile, and as you do so, all your Facebook friends who also use Spotify appear in the app. When the list containing the names of your friends becomes visible, you can follow them on Spotify and request them to do the same.

You can learn how to add friends in Spotify via Facebook by following the steps given below:

  • Use the method explained earlier to go to your Spotify profile’s More options screen
  • Tap Find friends
Find friends on Spotify profile page
  • Tap Connect to Facebook from the next window
Connect to FaceBook on Spotify
  • Follow the on-screen instructions from there to sign in to Facebook
  • Tap Open on the “Facebook” wants to open “Spotify” prompt
Facebook want to open Spotify
  • On the Find Friends screen back on Spotify, tap FOLLOW ALL to start following all your Facebook friends

FAQs About Friends on Spotify

How to remove a friend from Spotify?

To remove a friend from Spotify, tap the ‘Settings’ icon from the top-right, tap your name, tap the ‘following’ option under your name, and tap the tick mark next to the friend you don’t want to follow anymore.

How to turn on the Friend Activity pane?

This process is easier on a PC. Tap the ‘Friend Activity’ icon from the top-right corner to open the ‘Friend Activity’ pane on a Windows or Mac computer.

Can I share my Spotify account with friends?

Yes. You can go to your profile’s ‘More options’ screen as explained earlier, tap ‘Share’, and use your preferred app to share your Spotify account with your friends.

What is the use of Spotify user ID?

Spotify user ID is unique to your account. While searching people by their Spotify name gives you a list of all the profiles sharing identical display names, finding them using a unique user ID redirects you to the specific user you are looking for. To know your username, you can go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Account’. On the ‘Account’ screen, you can see your unique ID under the ‘Username’ field.


Many people ask a common question, ‘Can you add friends on Spotify?’. The answer is, yes, you can. While the PC version of the Spotify app offers fewer options, the program developed for smartphones has a more optimistic approach and allows you to add friends in several ways. All the methods on how to add friends in Spotify are explained above for your convenience.

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