Why Spotify Deleted My Account and How to Fix It

“Hi, I am a Spotify Premium member. Today when I opened the app, I was signed out. I cannot log into my Spotify account even though my login credentials are correct. I tried to log in from the Spotify website but failed. It looks like my account is deleted. Why did my Spotify account get deleted, and how do I recover it?”

Many users have posted on forums that their Spotify accounts have become inaccessible. If you cannot log into your Spotify account, your account has been hacked or deleted. If your account is hacked and your login credentials are changed, you will get notifications from Spotify. But your Spotify account is likely deleted if you have not received any notification.

If you have a Premium subscription, Spotify account deletion is a great loss. That is why you need to understand the activities that could have led to Spotify deleting your account. We will state all the possible reasons behind the Spotify account deleted itself. We will also explain what you can do when your Spotify account gets deleted to try and get it back.

Part 1. Why Was My Spotify Account Deleted?

There are certain reasons why you cannot log into your Spotify account and why your account might have been deleted. Some are related to violations of community guidelines that you might not have been aware of. Some are technical reasons you might not have been paying attention to. Here are the ten possible reasons that answer “Why did my Spotify account get deleted?”

1. Violated the Spotify Terms of Services

Spotify offers the service to listen to songs and podcasts on its platform. Like every other service, there are certain terms and conditions for using the service properly. Spotify users are generally unaware of these terms and conditions, but Spotify is very strict with them. Any activity performed by a user that violates the terms of service leads to the automatic deletion of the Spotify account instantly.

2. Connected Facebook Account Has Been Deactivated

If you have signed up on Spotify through your Facebook account, your Spotify account will get deactivated if you deactivate your associated Facebook account. Before deactivating or deleting your Facebook account, you can unlink your Facebook account with your Spotify account to prevent your Spotify account from deactivation or deletion. Open the Spotify account and go to Settings> Social> Unlink from Facebook so that your Spotify account is no longer associated with your Spotify account.

3. Closed Your Account Accidentally

You or your family could have closed your Spotify account accidentally. For example, your kid might have done it on your phone. Closing a Spotify account is not easy, but it is still possible. If you suspect that your account has been closed from your side, you can contact the Spotify support team. Spotify offers seven days to their users to reactivate closed accounts from the closure date. You can even check your associated email account for any recent Spotify email for the reactivation link.

4. Tried To Use a Third-Party Music Converter

Spotify prohibits users from using a third-party music converter or downloader. But still, some users use them to download Spotify music in MP3 file format and avoid purchasing Spotify’s premium plan. Suppose Spotify finds out that you are giving access to your Spotify account to a third-party converter or downloader. In that case, it will suspend your Spotify account for violating its policy.

5. Your Spotify Account is Hacked

If you cannot log into your Spotify account, it does not always mean your account is suspended or deleted. Someone could have hacked your Spotify Premium account and changed the login credentials so you cannot log back in. You can check your associated email to find out if your login credentials are changed to ensure your account has been hacked.

6. Used A Modified Spotify App

Modified Spotify apps lure users with additional features like free download and conversion. For example, an app called “Spotify++” was labeled as a modified Spotify app. You need to log into your existing Spotify account to enjoy the benefits of the modified Spotify app. This goes against Spotify’s policy, and if Spotify finds out that you are using such a modified Spotify app, your account will be suspended immediately.

7. Long-Time Inactivity

Spotify reserves the right to terminate your Spotify account if your Spotify account has been inactive for a long time. Specifically, if your account stays inactive for more than six months, your account will be terminated. You will get a notification before the termination on your associated email address.

8. Request From Account Holder

If you are using someone else’s Spotify account, if the actual account holder requests the Spotify support team to close the account, the account will be deleted. For example, if you are using a family Spotify account and the head family member decides to close the account, you cannot access the account. Similarly, users rent Spotify Premium accounts at a discount, and if the real account holder deletes the account or changes the account credentials, you cannot use the account anymore.

9. Selling or Sharing Spotify Accounts

Spotify prohibits users from sharing their Spotify Premium accounts with other users for monetary gain. Spotify Premium subscription is for personal use, but many sell it to multiple users at a discount to make money. If Spotify detects multiple logins from different locations, Spotify can terminate the account.

10. Billing Issues

Some users have reported that their Spotify accounts have been deleted after they faced issues while making payments. You should update your payment method so that there are sufficient funds to cover the subscription fee without any issue that can terminate your account.

Part 2. What to do If My Spotify Account is Deleted?

Now that you are aware of the possible reasons why my Spotify account is gone, it is time to act to get back the account. If your account is hacked, deactivated or suspended temporarily, you can get it back. If the account is deleted permanently, you must create a new one. When you cannot log into your account, here are the steps you can follow. 

1. Reactivate your Spotify Account within 7 Days

If you or your family member accidentally closed your Spotify account, you can reactivate the account within seven days. You need to check your associated email address and look for the Spotify email sent when you accidentally closed your account. 

Reactivate Spotify Account

Open the email, click the “Reactivate My Account” button, and follow the on-screen instructions to return your Spotify account. But after seven days, if no action is taken, your Spotify account will be deleted permanently. 

2. Contact Spotify Support

If you fall under the “Spotify deleted my account” category, you can contact the Spotify support team to ask why the account was deleted and if it is possible to recover it. If it is a glitch or a pardonable issue, the support team can activate your account that has been temporarily suspended.

3. Recover Hacked Account via “Report a Hacked Account”

If you suspect that your Spotify account has been hacked, you need to report it to the Spotify support team so that they can help you recover the hacked account. If you have received a notification that your login credentials have been changed suddenly, your Spotify account is surely hacked.

To recover the hacked account, go to the Spotify website. Go to the “Account Security” option and click on the “Report A Hacked Account” option. You need to fill out the form and provide all the details minutely. Finally, click the Submit button and wait for Spotify to recover your hacked account.

Frequently Asked Questions About Deleted Spotify Account

Does Spotify Delete Inactive Accounts?

If any Spotify account has been inactive for over six months, Spotify terminates the account. You will get an email notification when Spotify suspends your account so that you can take immediate action and revive the account if you want to.

How Do I Delete My Account on Spotify?

Go to Support> Account> Close Your Account on the Spotify app. Tap on the Close Your Account option, and you need to enter your login credentials for verifications. On Spotify web, visit support.spotify.com/us/close-account and click the Close Account button.

Can I Reuse My Email after Deleting My Spotify Account?

Yes, you can reuse the same email address to create a new Spotify account with which you had a Spotify account that you deleted. However, the username cannot be reused.

Can I Recover My Playlists If My Account Has Been Deleted?

No, if you cannot log into your Spotify account, you cannot recover your playlists. When your account is deleted, Spotify deletes all your playlists, followers, and likes.

How Can I Prevent My Spotify Account from Being Deleted in the Future?

You have to know the reasons why Spotify accounts are deleted. We have stated all the possible reasons, and you can go through them and ensure you do not perform any of them to prevent your account deletion in the future.

Can Spotify Delete My Account without Notifying Me?

If Spotify deletes your account due to inactivity, you will be notified before deletion. If you violate the terms of service, your account may be deleted without notifying you.

Why did my Spotify account get randomly deleted?

Spotify randomly deletes accounts that have violated terms of service. They can also suspend accounts that have prolonged suspicious activities due to privacy concerns. Another possibility is that your account is not deleted but hacked.

What are the alternatives to Spotify?

Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, and Pandora are the best alternatives to Spotify. 


If you cannot log into your Spotify account, you should check your emails to find out if Spotify has notified you regarding account closure. You should review the list of why your account could have been deleted. If you have not performed such activity, you can contact the Spotify support team to determine if your account is recoverable. If you cannot recover your account, create a new Spotify account with the same email address.

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