[Solved] Why Are My Spotify Ads In A Different Language?

Are your Spotify ads playing in a language you don’t understand? From incorrect app settings to device language configurations, several factors could be affecting it. The good news is the issue is easier to fix!

This step-by-step guide provides easy solutions to get your Spotify ads in your preferred language. Read on to discover why your Spotify ads might be in a different language and how to correct it.

Why I Was Getting Spotify Ads in A Different Language?

Experiencing ads in foreign languages on Spotify usually stems from a combination of factors. Here’s a breakdown:

  • 🌍 Incorrect Geographical Location
  • 📱 Mismatched Device Language Settings
  • 🛡️ VPN Interference
  • ⚙️ Inconsistent Account Settings
  • 🎵  Playlist Language
  • 🤝 Shared Account Conflicts
  • 🔄 App Glitches

How to Fix If Spotify Ads In A Different Language

Now that you know the common reasons why you may experience Spotify ads in a different language, let’s move on to actionable solutions. The following four methods offer step-by-step solutions to align your Spotify ads with your preferred language:

Solution 1: Select Language on Spotify

Spotify uses your account settings to tailor the ads in between songs. If the language settings are incorrect, Spotify may serve ads in a language that doesn’t align with your preferences. Here’s how to configure Spotify language settings for accurate Ad targeting:

For Android and iOS:

Step 1. Open the Spotify app.

Tap on the Settings (gear icon) located at the upper-right corner of the screen.

the gear icon for Settings in Spotify

Step 2. Scroll down to “Language.”

Tap on it and choose your preferred language from the list.

the Language option in Spotify settings

For Desktop Users:

Step 1. Open Spotify on your desktop.

From the dropdown, select “Settings.

Spotify desktop Settings option

Step 2. Find the “Language” option.

Choose your preferred language from the list of available languages.

the Language option on Spotify desktop

If you’ve followed these steps but still find yourself puzzled by ads in a different language, the issue might be with your device’s language settings.

Solution 2: Select the Language on Your Device

If your device’s language settings are wrong, they can change the language of the ads you hear on Spotify. Here’s how to configure your device’s language settings:

For Android Users:

Step 1. Open Settings and select “General Management” or “System.”

Tap on “Language.”

the Settings app icon on Android

Step 2. Then select “Add Language.”

Choose your preferred language and set it as the default.

the Language option on Android

For iOS Users:

Step 1. Open Settings App

In the Settings menu, tap on “General.” Find and tap on “Language & Region.”

the General  and Language & Region option on iPhone

Step 2. Choose “Add Language” to choose a new language.

Select your preferred language from the list. Confirm by clicking on “Use (Chosen Language)” to complete the process.

the Add Language option on iOS

For those using Spotify on a desktop, the language of the ads is generally determined by the Spotify app’s language settings and is independent of the operating system’s settings.

However, if you’re accessing Spotify through a web browser, the browser’s language settings could influence the language of the ads. To adjust your browser’s language settings, you will find the options via the settings or preferences menu within the browser itself.

Solution 3: Select Language on Your Other Devices (With Spotify Logged In)

If you’re logged into Spotify on multiple devices, each with different language settings, this could affect the language of the ads you hear. You can ensure uniform language settings across all devices for a more consistent Spotify experience.

For Smart TVs and Gaming Consoles:

Navigate to the device’s settings menu and look for the language options. Adjust as needed.

the language settings menu on a smart TV

For Web Browsers:

Go to the browser settings and look for language preferences. Make sure it aligns with your desired language for Spotify ads.

the language settings in Mozilla Firefox browser

For Tablets and Other Mobile Devices:

Similar to Android and iOS, go to the device settings and adjust the language settings to your preferred language.

Note on Shared Devices: If you share your device with multiple users, each with their own Spotify account, make sure that everyone’s language settings align. This will avoid language discrepancies in Spotify ads.

Solution 4: Turn Off VPN

Using a VPN means you mask your actual location. So, Spotify will serve ads based on the location set by the VPN. This will significantly affect the language of the ads you hear on Spotify. Here’s how to disable VPN:

For Windows and macOS:

Navigate to the installed VPN application. And click on the “Disconnect” or “Turn Off” button.

Turn off VPN on PC

For Android and iOS:

Navigate to your device settings, find the VPN settings, and turn off the VPN connection.

the VPN settings on iOS

For Browser Extensions:

If you’re using a VPN extension on your web browser, click on the VPN extension icon to load up the quick settings. Choose “Turn Off” or “Disconnect”.

Considerations When Using a VPN

While a VPN is necessary for your privacy and security benefits, it can interfere with location-based services like Spotify ads. To use Spotify with a VPN without affecting ad language, ensure that the VPN’s location matches your actual, preferred location.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Spotify ads vary by region?

Yes, Spotify ads vary by region. However, the language of the ads is mostly determined by your account’s language settings.

2. Why do I hear ads in a language that isn’t even listed in my Spotify account settings?

It could be a result of a glitch or an issue with your device’s language settings. You can update the Spotify app and check your device’s language settings to correct this issue.

3. Can having multiple Spotify accounts on a single device affect the language of my ads?

Yes. Spotify will use the language settings of the most recently used account to influence the language of ads. Ensure that all the logged accounts have correct language settings to avoid discrepancies.

4. Why am I still hearing ads in a different language if I have Spotify Premium?

If you are a Spotify Premium user, you shouldn’t hear ads. If you’re experiencing this issue, it might be a glitch, or you may not be logged into your Premium account. If the issue persists, reinstall the Spotify app or contact Spotify Support.

5. Does the location where I created my Spotify account affect the language of the ads?

No. Your account’s language settings determine the language of Spotify ads. Nevertheless, Spotify may use device location data for other types of content tailoring. So, ensure your device’s settings are aligned with your current location.

6. Can I set different languages for different devices where I use Spotify?

Spotify’s language settings are mostly account-based and not device-based. And changing the Spotify app language on one device will affect all devices where you’re logged in.

7. Will updating my Spotify app help with language issues in ads?

If the issue is caused by app glitches, it is best to update the Spotify app.


You’ve now learned why Spotify ads are in a different language and know how to fix it. With the above actionable steps, you can ensure that your Spotify ads are in sync with your language preferences.

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