How to Use Spotify as Alarm iPhone/iPad

As an Apple smartphone user, you have several options to set a Spotify alarm on your iPhone. While some methods don’t require downloading any third-party app, a few may suggest otherwise but offer many advanced features in return.

On your part, you can take the route that suits you best according to your preferences and requirements, as the following sections cover solutions for everyone and almost all situations.

Method 1: Use Spotify as Alarm on your iPhone via a Shortcut

Although you can cook a custom shortcut from scratch, a smart approach would be to use the one created by someone else, especially when it’s free. However, the catch is that the latter approach is a two-part process where you will first obtain and set up a pre-made shortcut and then prepare a new shortcut to call the one you configured.

You can follow the instructions given below to learn to set up a Spotify alarm on your iPhone:

Part 1: Obtain and Configure a Pre-Made Shortcut

In this part, you will get a pre-made shortcut called ‘Play Certain Spotify Track’ on your iPhone and set it up to play your preferred music track from Spotify. The instructions are given below:

Step 1: Obtain the Custom Shortcut and Initiate Set Up

Use Safari or any other web browser to go to on your iPhone and tap Get Shortcut. Tap Set Up Shortcut from the bottom of the shortcut screen.

Get ‘Play Certain Spotify Track’ Shortcut on iPhone

Note: If the shortcut window doesn’t open automatically, you can launch the Shortcut app and tap the Play Certain Spotify Track tile from the Shortcuts screen.

Step 2: Copy the Spotify Music URL to the Clipboard

Switch to the Spotify app, tap the track you want to set as an alarm (usually from a relevant album’s screen), tap the More icon (with three dots) from the right, tap Share, and tap Copy link from the lower section of the Share screen.

Step 3: Set Up the Shortcut

Get back to the shortcut setup screen and replace the current URL with the one you copied to the clipboard. Tap Add Shortcut from the bottom to set up the shortcut.

Add Shortcut on iPhone

Part 2: Create a New Automation for Shortcut

In this part, you will create an automation shortcut to call the shortcut you configured in the previous part. The process is given below:

Step 1: Set a Wake-Up Time

Launch the Shortcut app if it is not already open, tap Automation from the bottom, and tap Create Personal Automation.

Create Personal Automation on iPhone shortcut

Tap Time of Day from the New Automation window. On the next screen, use the timer rollers to set a wake-up time, choose an alarm frequency from the REPEAT section, and tap Next from the top-right corner.

Set Up the Shortcut on iPhone

Step 2: Add an Action to Call a Shortcut

On the Actions screen, use the search box at the bottom to find the Open Shortcut action and tap Open Shortcut from the Scripting section.

Open Shortcut on iPhone

Step 3: Call the Spotify Shortcut

Back on the Actions screen, tap the Shortcut prompt in the Open field and tap the Play Certain Spotify Track on the Choose window.

Play Certain Spotify Track on iPhone

Back on Actions, tap Next from the top-right. On the New Automation window, turn off the Ask Before Running switch, ensure that the Notify When Run option is disabled, and tap Done from the top-right corner of the screen to finalize the setup process to use Spotify as an alarm on iPhone.

finalize the setup process to use Spotify as an alarm on iPhone

Method 2: Use Spotify as Alarm on iPhone with an Alarm App

People have good taste, and they are brilliant when it comes to music. Therefore, they may not even think twice before using a third-party app that can help them start their morning with their favorite song or morning chants.

While several apps are available on the App Store for you to pick from, Morning Alarm for Spotify is used here as a reference. Nevertheless, you can set a Spotify alarm on your iPhone using the app of your choice as the basic principle behind all these programs is almost identical.

Step-by-step instructions on how to use Spotify as an alarm on iPhone are given below:

tap Get started on Morning Alarm for Spotify app
  • Choose your preferred method to sign up
  • Review your account creation and handling preferences on the next screen
  • Tap Continue from the bottom
Sign up Morning Alarm for Spotify
  • Tap Allow notifications
Allow notifications on Morning Alarm for Spotify
  • Tap Allow on the confirmation box
  • Set a morning time for the alarm
  • Tap Start
Set a time for the alarm on iPhone
  • Tap Add new on the Choose Music window
Add new on the Choose Music window
  • Tap Add Spotify Source on the New Sound screen
Add Spotify Source on the New Sound screen
  • Tap Open on the confirmation box
Confirm to open Spotify
  • Tap AGREE to authorize Morning Alarm for Spotify to access Spotify on your iPhone and monitor your activities
AGREE to authorize Morning Alarm for Spotify to access Spotify on iPhone
  • Tap your preferred track or playlist you want to set as the morning alarm
  • Tap Done from the bottom to set the music as a Spotify alarm on iPhone

Method 3: Set Spotify Music as Alarm Clock on iPhone – Real Alarm Clock

This method also comprises two parts; first, you will download your favorite Spotify songs to MP3, and then use your iPhone’s built-in Clock app to set an alarm.

The procedure is given below:

Part 1: Download Spotify Music to MP3

This section uses a PC app called HitPaw Spotify Music Converter (available for Windows and Mac computers). On your part, you can pick any application of your choice. The process is explained below:

Free Trial

  • Download and install HitPaw Spotify Music Converter on your Windows or Mac computer
  • Launch the program after installation
  • Click the Toolbox button from the top
  • Click the Spotify Music Converter tile
Choose HitPaw Spotify Music Converter
  • Enter your Spotify account credentials when HitPaw Spotify Music Converter prompts
  • Choose your favorite playlist or music track you want to use as the morning alarm
  • Click Download
HitPaw Spotify Music Converter Download Playlist
  • On the next screen, check the top area to ensure that you are on the Converting tab
  • Choose MP3 from the Convert all to list
  • Pick your preferred bitrate from the Bitrate list (Optional)
  • Define the target directory in the Save to field (Optional)
  • Click Convert All to download Spotify music to your PC in MP3 format
HitPaw Spotify Music Converter Convert

Part 2: Set Spotify Song as iPhone Alarm

In this part, you will transfer the MP3 track to your smartphone and use it as a Spotify alarm on your iPhone. The steps are given below:

  • Use your preferred method to transfer the target MP3 track to your iPhone
  • Launch the Clock app on your iPhone
  • Tap Alarm from the bottom of the screen
  • Tap the + icon from the top right corner
add alarm on iPhone
  • On the Add Alarm window, set your preferred time for the alarm
  • Optionally, tap Repeat to define the frequency of the alarm
  • Tap Sound
tap sound on iPhone alarm
  • On the Sound screen, tap to select the song you transferred
  • Get back to the Add Alarm screen
  • Tap Save from the top-right corner to set the Spotify alarm clock on iPhone
  • Review the new alarm before closing the Clock app

FAQs About Spotify Alarms on iPhone

Is using Shortcuts to set Spotify alarms on iPhone easy?

While creating custom shortcuts could be challenging, using an instance created by someone else is extremely easy. You can conduct a quick online search to get a pre-configured shortcut for the actions you want to perform on your iPhone.

Do I need a Spotify Premium subscription to set an alarm?

No, you don’t.

While some methods may require a paid membership, you can use ‘Method 3’ from this guide to play safe and keep everything offline, i.e., without staying connected to the Internet. The method is a boon for those who turn off their cellphone data and Wi-Fi router before going to bed.

Is downloading Spotify music for offline listening legal?

Although all Spotify tracks are DRM-protected, you won’t get into trouble as long as you download the music for personal use and not for commercial gains.


As much as you may want to learn how to use Spotify as an Alarm on iPhone, the idea as a whole may sound daunting, especially if you come from a non-technical background. However, in real, things are not that hard. Therefore, if you know the correct tools and understand how they work, using the Spotify alarm on iPhone is pretty straightforward.

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