Spotify Smart Shuffle: What Is It and How to Turn It ON/OFF?

Although not needed or advised, you may want to know how to turn off Smart Shuffle on Spotify when you don’t wish to see recommendations from the portal. While the feature is there to help you discover more tracks according to your taste in music, some users could find the option unnecessary, especially when they don’t intend to switch away from their favorite songs, probably due to some nostalgia.

Regardless of the reason, here you will learn to disable Smart Shuffle on Spotify. This guide also teaches how to turn on Smart Shuffle on Spotify when you wish to try something new, maybe for a change.

What Is Smart Shuffle in Spotify?

Introduced in 2023, when turned on, Smart Shuffle automatically suggests songs Spotify’s AI system assumes you’ll like. The AI algorithm picks the tracks based on those already in the playlist. On your part, if you find a song interesting, you can add it to the list permanently.

How Does Smart Shuffle Work on Spotify?

At the time of this writing, Smart Shuffle is available only for Premium members, those who are using Spotify on a smart device. Also, Smart Shuffle works independently and differently for each playlist you create on Spotify. You can check if Smart Shuffle is on by noticing the ‘Star’ (Sparkling) symbol at the top-right of the ‘Shuffle’ sign in the playlist.

As for recommendations, Smart Shuffle’s AI algorithm suggests one song for every three in a playlist of 15 tracks. With this calculation, if your playlist has 15 tracks, Smart Shuffle would suggest 5 more based on the theme of those already present. You will hear the recommended songs while streaming your playlist.

Smart Shuffle also monitors your activities on Spotify and suggests music based on those you mark as ‘Liked’.

How to Turn ON Smart Shuffle on Spotify?

By default, Smart Shuffle is turned off for every playlist you have on Spotify, and you must enable the feature manually to use it. You can learn how to turn on Smart Shuffle on Spotify by following the instructions given below:

Step 1: Go to the Your Library Window

Launch Spotify on your Android or iOS smartphone (iPhone 13 Pro Max running iOS 16.6 is used here for illustrations). Sign in to your Spotify account and ensure you have subscribed to a Premium plan.

Tap Your Library from the bottom-right of the interface.

Step 2: Go to the Target Playlist

Tap the Playlists tab from the top of the Your Library screen to see all your playlists. From here, tap the target playlist.

select the target playlist on Spotify

Step 3: Turn ON Smart Shuffle on Spotify

From the center-right of the playlist, tap the Shuffle icon twice to turn on Smart Shuffle. You can see the ‘Sparkling‘ symbol when Smart Shuffle is enabled.

Turn ON Smart Shuffle on Spotify

How to Use Spotify Smart Shuffle

After you turn on Smart Shuffle on Spotify, using it is simple. The procedure is explained below:

As you enable Smart Shuffle, Spotify recommends tracks similar to those already in your playlist. You can use the following instructions to see the songs the portal suggests:

  • Use the method given above to go to the target playlist
  • Ensure that Smart Shuffle is turned on
  • Once enabled, continue listening to the songs already in the playlist
  • As you hear something new, check and confirm the Smart Shuffle icon on the left, under the song name
Recommended Songs by Smart Shuffle

After enabling Smart Shuffle, you can continue listening to the songs in the playlist, as suggested in the previous section. Next, you can follow the instructions given below:

  • Be alert when you hear something new
  • Tap the + icon from the right of the song name to add it to the current playlist
  • Repeat the procedure for each song you find interesting
Save Recommended Songs by Smart Shuffle to Playlist

While you may like some songs Smart Shuffle recommends, there could be others that won’t impress you much. You can easily remove such tracks from the recommendations list, and Smart Shuffle’s AI algorithm will update itself so you don’t see that type of music anymore.

You can follow the steps given below to remove the songs Smart Shuffle suggests:

  • Continue listening to the songs in your playlist
  • Wait while Smart Shuffle suggests a new song and starts streaming it
  • When you come across a song Smart Shuffle suggested, but you don’t like it, tap the symbol from the right of the track’s name to remove it
  • Give the AI algorithm some time to update its records so it doesn’t recommend those types of tracks any further
Remove Recommended Songs by Smart Shuffle

How to Turn OFF Smart Shuffle on Spotify

If you want to stay with your favorite songs in the playlist and don’t want recommendations on new tracks, you can turn off Smart Shuffle on Spotify. The procedure is given below:

  • Go to the target playlist
  • Check and confirm if the Smart Shuffle is enabled (you will know this if the Shuffle icon is lit and has a Sparkling symbol above it)
  • Tap the Shuffle icon and notice that it turns grey (which means both shuffle and Smart Shuffle features are turned off)
  • At this point, if you want to enable the shuffle feature (and not Smart Shuffle), tap the Shuffle icon once and notice how it lights up
Steps to Turn OFF Smart Shuffle on Spotify

Note: Tapping the Shuffle icon again will enable Smart Shuffle, as explained earlier.)

Spotify Smart Shuffle Not Working? 3 Solutions to Fix It

If Smart Shuffle fails to work on your instance of Spotify, you can try the following solutions and see if any of these could help:

Solution 1: Disable and Re-enable Smart Shuffle

  • Go to the target playlist
  • Tap the Shuffle icon to turn off Smart Shuffle (as explained earlier)
  • Once done, wait for a couple of seconds (or restart your device)
  • Tap the Shuffle icon twice to turn Smart Shuffle back on (explained earlier)
  • Check if this fixes the problem

Solution 2: Log Out and Log Back In

  • Tap the Settings icon from the top-right of the Spotify Home screen
  • Scroll down the Settings window to the bottom
  • Tap Log out
  • Tap Log out on the Log Out confirmation box to sign out of Spotify
  • Once the account registration screen appears, pick your preferred option to sign back in
  • Check if the issue is resolved

Solution 3: Uninstall and Reinstall Spotify

  • Use the regular method to remove Spotify from your smart device
  • Go to the Play Store or App Store according to the platform of your smart device
  • Download and reinstall a fresh instance of the Spotify app
  • Sign in to your Spotify account
  • Check if the problem is fixed

FAQs About Spotify Smart Shuffle

Why can’t I turn on Smart Shuffle on Spotify?

Smart Shuffle is available only for Premium members at the time of this writing. If you didn’t subscribe to a Premium plan, you must do so to use the feature.

Why can’t I enable Smart Shuffle on my PC, even though I have a Premium subscription?

You can use Smart Shuffle only on Android or iOS smart devices and not on the PC web player or app.

Why do I see some new song suggestions at the bottom of my playlist, even after turning off Smart Shuffle?

If you see a song without the ‘Smart Shuffle’ icon next to its name, you can stay relaxed, as the recommendations you see are not initiated by Smart Shuffle. Furthermore, with Smart Shuffle turned on, the suggested songs will automatically start streaming while you listen to the playlist. With this arrangement, you will know immediately that the feature has started playing its role, as the song will be foreign to your list.


You can turn ON Smart Shuffle on Spotify to discover more songs like those already in the playlist or those you marked as ‘Liked’. As the suggested track begins to stream, you can tap the ‘+’ icon to add it to the playlist if you like the music. On the other hand, if you don’t like the song, tapping the ‘-‘ icon removes it from the recommendation, and Spotify updates its AI algorithm accordingly. Hence, you never get any further suggestions for such type of music. However, if you don’t want suggestions, you have learned how to turn OFF Smart Shuffle on Spotify in the above section.

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