[Answered] How to See How Many Minutes You’ve on Spotify?

Being a music lover, have you ever been curious to know how to see how many minutes you’ve listened on Spotify? Of course, music can be quite addictive, and keeping track of your listening tenure could help you redefine your daily schedules and working habits.

Considering these points, the following sections explain a couple of ways to check how many hours of music are on Spotify.

Quick Answer: The easiest way is to wait for Spotify Wrapped, which rolls out between November 25 and December 05 each year. However, it comprises the stats only for the current year. To know overall statistics like total streamed minutes or hours, you can request your streaming data from Spotify, download the file, and upload it to Spotistats (stats.fm) to get detailed insights.

Things to Consider Before Checking Minutes on Spotify

This section discusses some important points to keep in mind before learning how to check how many minutes you have spent on Spotify so you can better understand the prerequisites and precautions you must take:


Spotify requires at least 30 days to gather your data before it can show your statistics. The longer the tenure is, the more detailed your stats will be.

Privacy Concerns

Although Spotify has an integrated system called Spotify Wrapped that shows detailed statistics about your listening habits, it rolls out once a year. Due to this, users who don’t wish to wait for this long use any third-party application to see Spotify minutes they’ve listened to music. Even though this approach is good, Spotify members must agree to share their info with those external portals for analysis, which could be risky.

Therefore, if you are planning to use any such foreign program to check your listening stats, ensure that you have carefully read and understood their privacy policy and agree to their terms of service. Feel free to back out if you believe your data could be at risk.

Now that you know what information Spotify needs to gather your data and what you should be aware of, it is time to learn how to see how many minutes you’ve listened on Spotify.

How to See How Many Minutes You Have Spent on Spotify

While the question may sound challenging, the answer is surprisingly simple. The best way to see how many hours of Music on Spotify you’ve listened to is via Spotify Wrapped. However, you must wait till December of the given year to get all the details. Another, probably the most straightforward approach would be to use a reliable third-party tool called Spotistats that fetches your information from the portal and gives you all the statistics in an easily readable format.

In the following sections, you will learn how to see how many minutes you have on Spotify using Spotistats and Spotify Wrapped.

Solution 1: Using Spotistats (https://stats.fm/)

Note: Spotistats is now stats.fm. Therefore, this section uses both Spotistats and stats.fm terms interchangeably.

Spotistats helps you see your Spotify minutes listened to via its web portal and Android/iOS mobile app. However, the catch is that you must download your Spotify history from the servers and upload it to the portal so it can fetch the required information.

Although the process to obtain Spotify history is easy, the platform takes around 30 days to gather your data before making it available to you. Nevertheless, the insights you get from Spotistats are worth waiting for.

Keeping the above in mind, this solution explains how to get Spotify history, upload it to Spotistats, and know your total Spotify minutes listened to at a single glance on the web portal and mobile app.

The step-by-step method is given below in detail:

Pre-procedural Requirements

As explained earlier, you must download your Spotify streaming history. The following instructions explain how to request your data:

Note: Although a Windows 11 computer is used here for illustration, the process is identical for Android or iOS devices, as long as they have the latest web browser.

Step 1: Go to the Spotify Privacy Settings Page

Go to https://open.spotify.com/, click your profile icon from the top-right, and click Account.

Scroll down the Account page to the Security and privacy section and click Privacy settings.

Step 2: Request Streaming Data

Scroll down to the Download your data section. Uncheck the Select Account data and Select Technical log information boxes, and check the Select Extended streaming history box. Click Request data.

Request Streaming Data on Spotify

Step 3: Confirm Your Action

Go to your registered email Inbox, open the mail Spotify sent to you, and click CONFIRM.

CONFIRM to download data from Spotify

Wait for another 30 days while Spotify collects all the information you requested before it makes the data available for download.

Step 4: Obtain Your Streaming Data

Once Spotify notifies you via email that your Extended streaming history is ready to download, open your email Inbox, click DOWNLOAD, and save the ZIP file to your device.

Download Streaming Data from Spotify

Next, extract the ZIP file to your preferred folder or transfer it directly to your smart device if you wish to fetch details through the stats.fm mobile app.

Once done, you can use any of the following methods to see your streaming statistics through Spotistats.

Method 1: Using Spotistats Website

The best way to follow this solution is by using a Mac or Windows PC. Follow the steps given below to see your total listened Spotify minutes:

Step 1: Access Spotistats with Your Spotify Account

Use your preferred web browser on a PC (or smartphone) to go https://stats.fm. Click Log in from the top right.

Access Spotistats with Spotify Account

Use your credentials to sign in to Spotify and click AGREE on the confirmation page.

Sign in Spotistats with Spotify account

Step 2: Upload the Spotify Data File

On your stats.fm profile page, click the import of streams link.

import Spotify Streaming data into Spotistats website

Click the Import a new file bar, use the File Upload box to upload the JSON file you extracted in the previous section, and click Open to upload.

Import a new file on Spotistats

Wait while stats.fm retrieves information from the file you uploaded.

Step 3: Check Your Streaming Duration

Get back to the stats.fm Home page. (If nothing appears, click your profile icon from the top right and click My page.).

stats.fm Home page

Click lifetime from the extreme right and view your streaming minutes from the minutes streamed section. You can also check your total streaming hours, number of tracks, artists, etc. in the available data.

how many minutes you’ve listened on Spotify on stats.fm

Method 2: Using stats.fm Mobile App

This method doesn’t require you to extract the downloaded ZIP file, and you can upload it directly to the app.

Step 1: Sign In to stats.fm

Download and install stats.fm from the App Store or Play Store, launch the app, and tap Login with Spotify. Tap Continue on the confirmation box, and tap AGREE to sign in to the application with your Spotify credentials.

Sign In to stats.fm App

Step 2: Upload the ZIP File

Tap the Settings icon from the top-right and tap Import files. Then tap Select data file, and locate and import the ZIP file that Spotify sent you. Back on the Import files screen, tap Upload, and tap Dismiss on the notification box that appears.

Upload Spotify data to stats.fm App

Wait while stats.fm uploads and processes the file on its server.

Step 3: View Your Total Streamed Duration

Once the upload is complete, tap the Overview icon from the bottom-left corner, tap More from the right of the Stream stats section. View your streaming minutes and hours from the minutes streamed and hours streamed options, respectively.

how many minutes you’ve listened on Spotify from stats.fm Mobile App

Solution 2: Checking Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped rolls out between November 25 and December 5 each year and shows all your Spotify statistics as a slide show. You can follow the instructions given below to learn how to check how many minutes you have listened on Spotify:

  • Launch Spotify on your smartphone
  • Tap the Your <year> Wrapped is ready tile on the Home screen

Note: The value of <year> is variable and changes every year. Therefore, at the time of this writing, the year would be 2022, which may or may not vary depending on when you read this guide.

  • Wait while your Spotify Wrapped story opens
  • Move to the last slide
  • Check Spotify minutes listened under the Minutes Listened section from the bottom-left area of the slide
check how many minutes you have listened on Spotify from Spotify Wrapped

 (Image Credits: https://www.businessinsider.com/guides/streaming/how-to-find-spotify-wrapped?IR=T)

Why You Should Care About the Hours You Played on Spotify

You shouldn’t, as long as you’re a random listener and enjoy songs only at parties. On the other hand, if you are a true music lover, tracking your listening hours helps you in many ways. Some of the most significant benefits of monitoring your Spotify minutes listened to are listed below:


Tracking your listening tenure helps you assess how much time you devoted to your passion, music. If you notice some inconsistencies in your habits, e.g., the odd hours, you can reschedule your day accordingly.

Similarly, you can set daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly routines and dedicate that time to exploring new artists, tracks, or podcasts.


A more granular assessment of your listening habits can help you identify the type of music you prefer to listen to, and then share it with your family, friends, and colleagues to remain on the same page when it comes to acoustic enjoyment.


With the time set aside for new explorations, you will likely discover many new tracks you may have missed earlier. This helps you add more songs to your library and expand your listening exposure.

FAQs About Spotify Minutes Listened

Does it cost to check listening minutes on Spotify?

Yes and No. While some tools offer free services, others require a paid subscription to reveal detailed insights into your Spotify personality. However, if you do not wish to invest in any third-party tool, waiting for Spotify Wrapped to roll out would be a good approach.

Is Spotistats worth investing in?

Yes, it is, especially when you want to understand your listening habits to set your routine and explore more artists and their creations for versatile music sessions.

When should I expect my Spotify stats?

Spotify needs at least one month of your active presence on its portal before it can get a fair idea of your listening habits and generate accurate statistics about your acoustic personality. As for Spotify Wrapped, you must have some usage records before October 31 of the given year.


Understanding the importance of Spotify minutes listened to is crucial if you want to keep your toes tapping all the time. To get all your listening details, you can either wait for Spotify Wrapped to roll out by the end of each year or use a third-party program for instantaneous output, at the cost of exposing your private data to an unknown vendor. In either case, the bottom line is that it is pretty easy to learn how to see how many minutes you’ve listened on Spotify.

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