How to Play Feedback Sounds on Spotify

For years, Spotify feedback sounds stand out from other features for its intuitive responsiveness. However, users are reporting some challenges lately, raising questions about how to play feedback sounds on Spotify.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of playing feedback sounds on Spotify, how they work, and how to control them. We’ll also discuss why the feature may not work on your device and how to fix it. Let’s get started!

Quick Answer: To play Feedback Sounds on Spotify, first open Spotify, select the Home tab, and tap the gear icon. Scroll the settings menu until you reach Playback. Now, tap the toggle next to “Play Feedback Sounds” to turn on Spotify feedback sounds.

What Are Feedback Sounds on Spotify?

Though the majority of you know what these feedback sounds are, let me explain a bit to those who are not that aware of it.

Feedback sounds are those audible cues Spotify makes when you give a command. In short, it is the reaction to every action you perform on the app.

For example, you’ll hear a tap noise when you play/pause a song if the Spotify feedback sound is on. In other words, sound effects like clicks, beeps, and swooshes confirm the implication of the different commands you give on Spotify.

Also the same goes for clicking volume buttons or scrolling through a playlist. Any time you click the volume buttons or scroll through, you’ll also hear a similar sound effect.

To be honest, these sound effects might not be a big deal, but engaging when you get used to them.

What Does “Play Feedback Sounds” Do on Spotify?

Simply put, a feedback sound is a way of Spotify telling you, “Hey, I just did what you asked me to do!” You’re essentially enabling a feature to directly interact with the app without looking at the screen.

This is particularly helpful when giving a command with headphones or wireless earbuds. Gives you more comfort to confirm a command without looking at your phone’s screen. Plus, these sound effects bridge the app’s visual and audio and make sure that your taps, swipes, and selections feel tangible.

How to Play Feedback Sounds on Spotify?

Setting up feedback sounds on Spotify the first time? Or facing errors you never had before? No need to worry!

Follow these simple steps to play feedback sounds on Spotify.

Step 1: Install and Log In to Spotify

Make sure you have the latest version of the Spotify app installed on your device. Now log in to your pre-existing account or create a new one.

log in to Spotify to enable feedback sounds

Step 2: Go to Settings

Launch the Spotify app. Then, tap on the gear icon ⚙️ at the top right corner of the Home tab. This will open your account settings.

open settings on Spotify to turn on feedback sounds

Step 3: Find Play Feedback Sounds

Scroll down and select till you see Playback from the list of options. Now, look for the Play Feedback Sounds option within the Playback settings.

Enable play feedback sounds option on Spotify

Step 4: Enable Feedback Sounds

Toggle the switch next to Play Feedback Sounds to enable the feature. Now, go back to the Spotify home tab, play any song, and confirm whether you can hear any sound effects during the command.

How to Turn Off Feedback Sounds on Spotify?

Usually, feedback sounds are turned on by default. But you can turn the feature off if you prefer a quieter experience.

To turn off feedback sounds on Spotify, go to Settings > Playback and then turn off the toggle next to the Play Feedback Sounds option.

The process is similar to how to turn on Feedback Sounds on Spotify, only with the alternative choice in the last step.

Spotify Feedback Sounds Not Working? Fix It Right Away!

The initial experience with Spotify feedback sounds was much simpler. But, with Spotify expanding its horizon to true wireless earbuds, Bluetooth speakers, and even Apple Carplay, users are now facing new issues from time to time.

Common problems with Spotify feedback sounds involve missing options, unresponsive toggles, or even instances where the feature is turned on but won’t work.

If you can’t locate the Play Feedback Sounds option on Spotify, it’s likely that your current version lacks the feature or a temporary bug is at play.

For those of you who have activated feedback sounds but find them unresponsive, do not worry. We’ve got a few troubleshooting tricks up our sleeve to get things back on track.

Check App Version

Make sure you have installed the latest version of the Spotify app. Outdated versions might not support certain features, including feedback sounds.

Restart the App

Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve minor bugs and glitches. Remove Spotify from your recent tabs, restart your phone, and reopen the app.

Toggle Settings

If feedback sounds aren’t working, re-set the Playback settings and toggle the Play Feedback Sounds switch. Although this feels like a simple process, sometimes a quick refresh can fix this type of glitch.

Clear Cache

If the issue still persists, you can try clearing the app’s cache. You can either clear the cache from the Spotify app or your phone’s Settings menu. Clearing the cache won’t delete your downloaded songs. So, feel free to give it a shot.

Reinstall the App

Consider uninstalling and reinstalling the app. This can help resolve complex issues related to app functionality and let you install the latest version of Spotify.

If none of these steps work, consider a clean reinstall of the Spotify app. But remember that this will erase all your downloaded songs and playlists from your device. We recommend you contact Spotify’s support for further assistance as a last resort.

FAQs About Feedback Sounds on Spotify

Is Feedback sounds available on Spotify’s free account?

Yes, feedback sounds are available on Spotify’s free trial. The “Play Feedback Sounds” setting is available in the app’s playback settings for both free and premium users.

Can feedback sounds be customized on Spotify?

Feedback sounds can not be customized on Spotify. The feedback sounds that are available in the app are pre-set and cannot be changed. However, you can turn them off if you prefer a quieter experience.

How do I turn off sound effects on Spotify?

To turn off feedback sounds on Spotify, first, go to Settings > Playback. Now, turn off the toggle next to the Play Feedback Sounds option.

Can I use feedback sounds on Apple Carplay?

Yes. As you connect your iPhone to Apple CarPlay, you get all the features of iOS Spotify, including the feedback sounds.

Does feedback sounds drop audio quality on Spotify?

No. Feedback sounds are just simple audio effects you hear when giving a command on Spotify. It has nothing to do with audio quality or equalizer. In a word, it neither increases nor drops the quality, but it impacts the experience to some extent. 

Does feedback sounds improve the Spotify experience?

To some extent, yes. Although the sound effects don’t have any first-hand benefits, keeping them turned on can help you interact with Spotify without looking at the phone screen repeatedly.


Now that you know how to turn on feedback sounds on Spotify, enabling the interactive feature shouldn’t be an issue. The method we mentioned here works for both iOS and Android devices.

However, as Spotify expands to various devices, users face new issues. These issues range from missing feedback sound options to sounds not working despite being enabled. To fix the issues, you can start by checking the volume level and restarting or updating the app. Toggling feedback sounds off and on, clearing the cache, and a clean reinstallation of Spotify comes as a last resort.

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