How to Log Out of Spotify on All Devices

Spotify presents a vast collection of songs, podcasts, and playlists designed to accommodate a wide range of musical preferences. Whether enjoying your memorable tracks, exploring new musicians, or crafting playlists to match any mood, you’ve likely accessed Spotify across different devices. However, the convenience of accessing your music everywhere comes with its considerations.

These include ensuring the security of your account and managing your privacy effectively. This guide will take you through how to log out all devices on Spotify. Whether your account has been left open or you’re concerned about unauthorized access, this comprehensive guide is here to assist you.

Part 1. How to Log Out of Spotify Account on All Devices

Logging out of your Spotify account on all devices is a prudent security measure. It is also a way to ensure your listening history and preferences remain private. You might have unintentionally remained logged into your account on a shared computer or may wish to unlink devices you no longer utilize. This comprehensive guide will take you through how to sign out everywhere on Spotify:

Step 1: Sign into your Spotify account using a web browser and tap the profile icon from the top right corner. From the upcoming dropdown menu, choose “Account” to go to the Account Overview page.

access account settings on Spotify

Step 2: Scroll down to the “Sign out everywhere” section. Click on the “Sign out everywhere” button now to log out of Spotify on all devices. Be aware that implementing the changes might take up to an hour.

sign out of Spotify from all devices

Part 2. How to Log Out of Spotify on iPhone/iPad

If you use Spotify on an iOS device, the following are steps to sign out of your Spotify account:

Instructions: Launch the Spotify app on your iPhone or iPad and tap the “Gear” icon from the top right corner. Within the Spotify Settings, move downward and press “Log Out.” Once again, press “Log Out” to confirm the action.

sign out Spotify on iPhone

Part 3. How to Log Out of Spotify on an Android Phone

Use Spotify on an Android device and want to sign out? These instructions make signing out of your Spotify account on your Android phone a simple procedure:

Instructions: To log out, open the Spotify app. Access Spotify settings by tapping the “Gear” icon in the top-right corner. Scroll down and press the “Log Out” option at the bottom under the “Other” section.

sign out Spotify on Android

Part 4. How to Sign Out of Spotify on Mac/Windows

Spotify provides a dedicated app for the Windows/Mac platform. If there is need to be, use the following steps to sign out of Spotify on your Mac/Windows:

Instructions: Launch the Spotify app and locate the “Profile” icon in the upper-right corner. Then, click on it to access the dropdown options. Select “Log Out” to successfully log out from your Spotify account.

log out Spotify on windows/Mac

Part 5. How to Sign Out of Spotify on the Web

Spotify’s web player lets you enjoy your favorite tunes and playlists directly from your browser. Given below are the simple steps for logging out of Spotify on the web:

Instructions: Open your web browser and head to Spotify’s official website. Afterward, hit the “Profile” icon on the upper-right side and choose the “Log Out” option from the dropdown menu.

log out Spotify on the web player

Part 6. Frequently Asked Questions About Log Out Spotify

Do you have more questions about how to log out everywhere on Spotify? Continue reading to discover solutions to all your inquiries:

Will logging out of Spotify on all devices affect my playlists and saved music?

Signing out from Spotify on all devices will not impact your playlists, saved music, or account configurations. Your information will stay unchanged. You’ll just need to re-login on the devices where you intend to continue listening to the music.

Do I need an active internet connection to log out of Spotify remotely?

You need an active internet connection to log out of Spotify remotely. The command to log out on all devices is sent through the internet to Spotify’s servers.

How do I log out of Spotify on a device I cannot access?

If you cannot access a particular device anymore, you can log out from Spotify remotely. You can do that by using the web browser and signing off all devices. For enhanced security, it’s recommended to update your password subsequently.

Final Words

In summary, ensuring the security of your online accounts has become of utmost importance. Your Spotify account, which holds your personalized playlists and thoughtfully curated music collection, is a distinctive aspect of your identity. The convenience of accessing your account across various devices is invaluable. Nonetheless, striking the appropriate harmony between accessibility and security is of utmost importance.

This all-inclusive guide has steered you through the procedure of how to log out of Spotify on all devices, encompassing computers, smartphones, tablets, and web players. The steps explained here ensure a straightforward yet effective approach to upholding the privacy and integrity of your account.

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