How to Download Spotify Songs Without Premium

Spotify is a really popular way to listen to music online. So, can I download songs from Spotify without Premium? Usually, you have to pay to use all the features but do not worry, as there are other ways discussed in this article to download Spotify songs without the premium version.

Part 1. Can I Download Music from Spotify without Premium?

Yes, you can download music from Spotify without having a premium subscription. Various Spotify to MP3 converters allow you to do this. These tools work on different platforms, letting you save the songs from Spotify onto your device.

This helps you to listen to them even when you don’t have an internet connection. This resolves how to download songs on Spotify without premium issues greatly. Moreover, having your favorite songs available offline and enjoying them on the go is convenient.

Part 2. How to Download Songs from Spotify without Premium on PC

Here, we will explore four different tools that you can use to make your download music from Spotify without premium query relatively easy. Each tool provides a straightforward process to help you enjoy your favorite music offline.

Method 1: Download Songs from Spotify without Premium Using A Third-party Program

Now you can download songs from Spotify even without a premium subscription. One handy tool you can use is HitPaw Spotify Music Converter. It allows you to efficiently download Spotify songs even with a free Spotify account. This means you can enjoy your favorite music offline, wherever you want. Moreover, HitPaw converts Spotify music to various formats with the original quality.

Free Trial

Plus, the software is designed with advanced hardware and GPU acceleration technologies. This ensures fast conversion even when dealing with large batches of Spotify songs. With HitPaw, you can convert Spotify to MP3 at a blazing 120X faster speed while maintaining the highest quality. Now, keep an eye on the steps below for smoother downloading:

Step 1: access HitPaw and switch to “Toolbox.” From there, select “Spotify Music Converter.” Afterward, sign into your Spotify account by clicking the “Log In” button in the upper right corner.

HitPaw Spotify Music Converter choose the spotify music option

Step 2: Use the built-in Spotify web player to search for the artist or song you want to download. Click on the track/artist/playlist/album you want to download and press the “Download” button to start downloading the Spotify track.

HitPaw Spotify Music Converter press the download button

Step 3: Once you click “Download,” HitPaw will analyze the track or playlist. You can also switch to the “Converting” tab to preview the songs and easily search or delete files. Choose an output format for all downloaded music files in the “Convert All to” option. Moreover, you can also select a desired bitrate for the output music.

HitPaw Spotify Music Converter adjust the properties of the songs

Step 4: Afterward, tap the “Convert All” button to start the batch conversion process. HitPaw will convert Spotify music to the required formats quickly and efficiently.

HitPaw Spotify Music Converter converting the Spotify tracks

Method 2: Download Songs from Spotify without Premium Online

Spotify-Downloader is an online way to download songs from Spotify without a premium subscription. This online tool allows you to save your favorite Spotify songs in a format that works on any device or media player so that you can listen offline anytime.

Furthermore, you will not need to install any software or create an account. In addition, this supports popular browsers ensuring a smooth downloading experience. This tool is designed to be fast and secure. It utilizes advanced technologies to accelerate the downloading process while keeping your actions on the website protected from any malicious threats.

However, this is to keep in mind that these online tools sometimes do not work. So, you must not fully rely on them. Use the below-mentioned steps for effective learning on how to download music on Spotify without premium online:

Step 1: Access a web browser and visit the Spotify-Downloader website. Go to Spotify and find the song or playlist you want to download. Following this, copy the URL of that song or playlist.

Step 2: Afterward, return to the tool and paste the URL into the provided box. Wait for a few seconds while Spotify-Downloader analyzes the URL. Once the analysis is complete, click on the “Download” icon. The song or playlist will start downloading to your device. Once the process is completed, you can enjoy your Spotify songs offline.

Download Songs from Spotify without Premium Online

Method 3: Download Music from Spotify without Premium Free Using SpotiFlyer

Being an Android user willing to download songs from Spotify without a premium subscription, SpotiFlyer is an excellent option. SpotiFlyer is an Android, Windows, Mac, or Linux app that lets you easily download your favorite songs from Spotify directly to your device. The best part is that you don’t need special permissions or authentication to use it.

SpotiFlyer automatically mutes the music when a Spotify advertisement plays, so you won’t be interrupted. Additionally, it helps block certain ads from appearing on your screen, giving you a smoother listening experience. For a much better understanding, keep a look at the guided steps regarding how to download Spotify songs without premium:

Step 1: Download and install the SpotiFlyer app on your device. Now, access SpotiFlyer and tap on the Spotify icon. Following this, open the Spotify app and play the song you want to download. Tap the three dots in the top right corner and choose the option to share. Then, select “Copy Link.”

copy Spotify song's link

Step 2: Moving on, head back to the app, and you will see a field that says “Paste Link Here.” Paste the copied link into that field and tap the “Search” button.

press the search button on SpotiFlyer

Step 3: The song will appear on the screen with a download arrow next to it. Simply tap the “Arrow” sign to start downloading your favorite music. Finally, the downloaded song will be saved in your audio library.

download Spotify songs on SpotiFlyer

Method 4: Download Music from Spotify without Premium Free Using Telegram

Telegram, a messaging app for various devices, offers the perfect solution to download music from Spotify without needing a premium subscription. Using the Telegram bot called “@SpotifySaveBot,” you can easily access and save your favorite Spotify songs for offline listening. Let’s learn how to use Telegram bot to download music from Spotify without premium:

Step 1: Access the Telegram app on your Android or iOS device. In the search bar, type “@SpotifySaveBot” and search for it. Then, choose “@SpotifySaveBot” from the search results to open the bot. Once in the bot, type “/start” to initiate the downloading process.

Step 2: Copy the link to the Spotify song or playlist you want to download. Afterward, paste the Spotify link into the message field and click the “Send” button.

Download Music from Spotify without Premium Free Using Telegram

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Download Music on Spotify with Premium?

With a Spotify Premium subscription, you can easily download music and podcasts offline. Before heading to the steps, note that the songs you download using the premium account will only be available on your Spotify app. Go through the simple instructions below to download songs on Spotify with Premium:

Instructions: Open Spotify on your desktop or mobile device. Now, search for the song, album, or artist you want to download. Then, create a special playlist and add all the songs you want to download. On the playlist’s homepage, you’ll find a “Downward Arrow” icon. Simply click on it to initiate the download process and save the Spotify playlist to your device.

2. What is the pricing plan of Spotify Premium?

Spotify Premium is a plan you can pay for to get extra features. It costs $10.99 per month, and you get things like no ads and the ability to download songs. You must keep in mind that there are some rules you need to follow. This price is for one person, but you can cancel anytime. Also, if you already had Premium before, you can’t get the two months free offer again.

3. What is the difference between Spotify premium and free plan?

Spotify free lets you listen to normal or high-quality music, but you can’t change the sound quality beyond that. With Spotify Premium, you get very high-quality streaming at 320 Kbps. This means the audio is more detailed and can sound better, especially if you use fancy headphones or speakers.


In the end, we explored four simple ways to address you can I download music from Spotify without a premium query. These easy tools allow users to enjoy their favorite tracks offline without extra effort or paying a penny.

Whether through Telegram, third-party apps, or other methods, downloading Spotify songs has become more accessible than ever. So go ahead and start downloading your favorite music hassle-free.

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