How to Clear Spotify Cache on Windows/Mac/iPhone/Android

It is easy to learn how to clear cache on Spotify, and there are several merits of doing so as well. The following sections explain the advantages and step-by-step processes to clear Spotify cache on Windows or Mac computers and iOS and Android devices. After you’re done reading, you will be fully equipped to fix Spotify issues as long as the app’s cache is the culprit.

What Is Spotify Cache?

Spotify cache is the information the program collects over time and temporarily stores in its internal memory. Spotify uses this data to improve performance, and as a result, you experience smooth, fast, and flawless operation while listening to music or podcasts. In other words, the more details Spotify cache stores, the better the app performs.

What to Expect When You Delete Spotify Cache

When you clear Spotify cache on your Windows/Mac computer or iPhone or Android smartphone, you can expect the following outcomes:

  • Storage Optimization: Because Spotify’s cache holds information, it consumes significant space on your computer or phone storage. When you clear Spotify cache, it flushes all the data, giving you additional space to store other important files.
  • Performance Improvement: Spotify’s cache does not always hold the correct information but sometimes even collects junk data. When this happens, the app’s performance deteriorates, and you start experiencing inconsistencies while listening to music. When you clear the Spotify cache, the program erases such troublesome info from the application, making it perform normally, as before, and sometimes even better.
  • Misconfiguration Rectification: Junk data that Spotify cache contains often misconfigures the app automatically. As a result, the program starts behaving obnoxiously. When you clear the Spotify cache, these misconfigurations are set back to default, allowing the application to work as expected.
  • Reduced Battery Consumption: With the increased amount of junk files, Spotify puts extra effort when going through them to fetch useful information. After clearing the cache, you can expect reduced battery consumption, as the app has fewer files to read.

Now that you understand the benefits, it is time to learn how to clear the cache on Spotify. The processes for Windows/Mac, iPhone, and Android devices are given in the following sections.

How to Clear Spotify Cache on Windows/Mac

The good news is that Spotify has an identical interface for both platforms. This means that regardless of the computer you install the app on, i.e., Windows or Mac, the UI looks almost the same. Therefore, if you learn how to clear Spotify cache on Mac, you will also know how to get the job done on Windows.

The step-by-step instructions on how to clear the cache on Spotify on a computer are given below:

Note: A Windows 11 computer is used here for reference and illustrations.

Step 1: Go to the Settings Window

Launch the Spotify app on your computer, click the User icon from the upper-right area of the interface, and click Settings from the menu.

Go to Spotify Settings on Windows

Step 2: Go to the Storage Section

Scroll down the Settings window to the Storage section.

Step 3: Clear Spotify Cache

Click the Clear cache button from the right of the Cache label, and click Clear cache on the confirmation box to clear Spotify cache from your computer.

Clear Spotify Cache

How to Clear Spotify Cache on iPhone/iPad

Although iPhones use iOS and iPads run on iPadOS, these two devices share almost an identical interface. Therefore, as with Windows and Mac, if you learn how to clear Spotify cache on an iPhone, you automatically know how to perform the task on an iPad. The step-by-step instructions are given below:

Note: iPhone 13 Pro Max running iOS 17 is used for reference and illustrations.

  • Launch Spotify
  • Tap the Settings icon from the top-right corner of the Home screen
  • Scroll down the Settings window and tap Storage
Spotify Storage settings on iPhone
  • Tap Clear cache from the Storage screen
  • Tap Clear cache on the confirmation box to clear Spotify cache on your iPhone/iPad
clear Spotify cache on iPhone

How to Clear Spotify Cache on Android Devices

Because Android has a different architecture, the Spotify interface may not appear identical to what you see on iOS devices. Nevertheless, the basic steps to clear Spotify cache on any Android smartphone or tablet are similar and are explained below:

Note: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is used here for reference and illustrations.

  • Start Spotify
  • Ensure that you are on the Home screen
  • Tap Settings from the top-right corner
  • Scroll down the Settings window to the Storage section
  • Tap Clear cache
  • Tap Clear cache on the confirmation box to clear Spotify cache on your Android device
clear Spotify cache on Android device

How to Clear Spotify Cache on All Devices (Video Guide)

FAQs About Spotify Cache

What if clearing the Spotify cache doesn’t fix the issue on my smartphone?

In such a case, you can try updating the app to the latest version. If the problem persists, deleting the program from your device and reinstalling a fresh instance would be your best bet.

Will clearing the Spotify cache delete my downloaded songs, too?

No, it won’t. When you clear the Spotify cache, the process only erases the junk data (including the correct information), leaving your downloaded files intact. You can confirm this by tapping the ‘Clear cache’ button. When you do so, the confirmation box that pops up next also has a message saying that it won’t delete your downloaded songs.

Will I lose my library and playlists if I perform a clean reinstallation of Spotify?

No, you won’t. However, if you have a Premium account and you downloaded songs for offline listening, you must re-download them, as the complete erasure flushes them from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.


After you clear Spotify cache, you can notice instantaneous improvement in its performance. This happens because the process cleanses the app by flushing all the junk information, resulting in a smooth behavior, regardless of the device or platform you are using it on. To summarize, if you are a music lover, you must know how to clear the cache on Spotify so you can fix minor issues yourself without any technical help from an outsider.

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