How to Check and Renew Spotify Premium Subscription

You must renew Spotify Premium so you can enjoy high-quality music, download tracks for offline listening, and do much more for another month. Further, according to your subscription type, you become eligible for various plan-specific features that free members can’t have.

Given that, in the following sections, you will learn how to check and renew Spotify Premium subscription via the mobile app or web player.

How to Check Spotify Premium Subscription

Whether you use Spotify on the web player or the desktop or mobile app, the thumb rule is that if you are a free member, you will see the ‘Explore Premium’ button or the ‘Premium’ icon on the screen. While the location of the button or icon may vary depending on the platform of your computer and/or smart device, clicking or tapping it takes you to a new screen where you can see all the available plans to choose your preferred one from.

As for renewal, Spotify configures itself to auto-debit the amount from your linked bank the day the then-current subscription ends. This arrangement ensures that you enjoy uninterrupted streaming without removing songs from your devices that you may have downloaded for offline usage. In such a case, you don’t have to do anything because your subscription renews automatically.

However, if auto-renewal fails for some reason or you canceled your membership earlier and now want it back, you must intervene for manual inputs. Another instance where Spotify requires your involvement is when you want to switch from a currently active plan to a different one.

Regardless of the reason, the following sections explain how to check the Spotify subscription, and if required, purchase or renew Spotify Premium easily and quickly.

Check Spotify Premium on iPhone/iPad

iOS devices allow you to check your Spotify subscription from the Account screen of the app, where you can find ‘FREE’ mentioned under the ‘Subscription’ section if you are a free member. On the other hand, as a paid subscriber, the application shows your current plan type under the ‘Username’ category and allows you to see the details when you tap the tile.

Believing that free users can check their membership type pretty easily, the following steps explain how to check the status of a paid subscription on an iPhone or iPad so they can renew Spotify Premium as needed:

Note: iPhone 14 Pro Max is used here for reference and illustrations.

  • Launch Spotify
  • Tap the Settings icon from the top-right of the Home screen
  • Tap Account
  • Check your membership type under the Username section
  • Optionally, tap the membership tile to see your current plan details on the Plan overview window
Check Spotify Premium on iPhone/iPad

Check Spotify Premium on Android

Although Android devices have a different architecture, the basic principle in terms of Spotify remains the same. You can follow the steps given below to learn how to check Spotify Premium subscription on an Android smartphone or tablet:

Note: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is used here as a reference for illustrations.

  • Start Spotify
  • Tap your profile icon from the top-left corner
  • Tap Settings and privacy
  • Check your current plan type below the Account section
Check Spotify Premium on Android devices
  • Optionally, tap the Premium plan tile to check your subscription
  • Further, tap the name of your subscription plan to see other details, such as the next renewal date, price, etc.
Check Spotify Premium subscription details on Android

Check Spotify Premium on the Desktop (and Web)

This works slightly differently compared to the previous two methods. While Android and iOS devices allow you to check your premium plan type within the Spotify app, the desktop application redirects you to the web player so you can see the details from there. Because of this, many people prefer using web player directly rather than taking the lengthy route of launching the desktop app and accessing the web interface via it. Regardless of the path you take, the process to check Spotify Premium is simple and is given below:

Note: A Windows 11 computer with the Spotify desktop app is used here for illustrations.

  • Initialize the Spotify app
  • Click the User icon from the top-right corner
  • Click Account from the menu
user account on Spotify web player
  • Check your current plan and its details from the Your plan tile at the top of the page

Note: Alternatively, you can launch any web browser, go to, click your profile icon from the upper-right, and click Account from the menu to get to the same page.

  • Optionally, you can click the Your plan tile to manage your subscription, such as changing plan type, updating payment method, etc.
Check Spotify Premium subscription details on PC

How to Renew Spotify Premium Subscription

This section tells whether or not Spotify offers automatic renewal and explains how to renew the Spotify Premium subscription.

Does Spotify Renew Automatically?

Yes, it does. When you add the payment method to purchase a Premium subscription for the first time, Spotify sends a mandate request that you can approve to allow your corresponding bank to auto-transfer the subscription renewal amount to the streaming service. With this arrangement, you don’t have to go through the manual process to renew Spotify Premium each month.

Renew Spotify Premium Subscription

Although Spotify configures itself for auto-renewal, if you cancel the subscription before the monthly renewal amount is deducted from your bank, the mandate is turned off as well. After that, if you want to renew Spotify Premium, you must do so manually. Apart from this, Spotify also needs manual renewal when you wish to change your Premium plan type.

Now, the iOS version of the app doesn’t allow you to renew Spotify Premium. Therefore, the following instructions help you get the job done via the Android app or web player:

Renew Spotify Premium via the Android App

  • Launch Spotify on your Android smart device
  • Tap your profile icon from the top-left
  • Tap Settings and privacy
  • Tap Premium plan under the Account tile
  • Tap See available plans
  • Tap the plan you want to buy
  • On the next screen, tap Select for the plan you want to buy
  • Complete the payment process to renew Spotify Premium
Renew Spotify Premium on Android

Renew Spotify Premium via Web Player

  • Start a web browser
  • Go to
  • Click your profile icon from the top-right area
  • Click Account
  • Click the Your plan tile
  • Click Change plan on the Manage your plan page
Change plan on Spotify web player
  • Click the Select button for the plan you want to subscribe to
Renew Spotify Premium subscription on Web Player
  • Complete the payment process to renew Spotify Premium for the new plan

FAQs About Premium Account Subscriptions

How do you know when your Spotify Premium ends?

On an iOS device, go to the ‘Account’ screen using the method explained earlier, and tap the plan’s name under the ‘Username’ section on the ‘Plan overview’ window. This is the date when your current Spotify Premium plan will end.

On an Android smart device, go to the ‘Settings’ screen, tap ‘Premium plan’, and tap the name of the plan on the ‘Account’ screen to see the date.

On a computer, go to, go to the ‘Account’ page, and check the date on the ‘Your plan’ tile.

When does Spotify Premium expire?

If automatic renewal fails for some reason and you didn’t renew Spotify Premium manually on time either, your subscription expires.

Besides the ad-free listening experience and downloading facility, is there any other benefit of buying a paid Spotify subscription?

Yes, Spotify Premium comes with plenty of features that free members can’t enjoy. For instance, you can listen to and download music in 320 Kbps quality, get more detailed insights about your listening personality in Spotify Wrapped, etc.

Why Spotify Premium prices are different in my country?

Spotify tailors its subscription types for each region according to its economy, buying capacity, interests, and masses. That is why some areas have higher prices compared to other geolocations.


It is crucial to learn how to check Spotify Premium so you can know when the portal will deduct the monthly charge from your bank account for automatic renewal. However, if you wish to switch to a different subscription type, the process requires you to manually choose your preferred plan and renew Spotify Premium accordingly.

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