How to Block Spotify Ads without Premium

Spotify is the most widely used music streaming platform, but without a premium account, you cannot enjoy uninterrupted music. Nothing is more annoying than advertisements interrupting the songs in your playlist, and you cannot even skip the ads. You cannot even get into the intended mood when ads break your concentration constantly.

That is why free Spotify account owners always look for a way to block Spotify ads without buying premium Spotify memberships. But is there a way to get rid of the annoying ads on Spotify and enjoy uninterrupted music without paying a subscription fee? Find out how to block ads on Spotify without a premium membership.

Part 1. Why Might You Want to Block Ads on Spotify?

Advertisements on any platform are annoying, to say the least, especially when the platform is meant to entertain users. Here are the reasons why to block ads on Spotify by any means without purchasing its premium plan.

  • Uninterrupted Music – When ads get played after almost every song in your playlist, your experience of listening to your favorite playlist will likely turn annoying. Get rid of the ads, and your music listening experience will be smooth, as you always hope.
  • Get In The Mood – Listening to songs of a specific niche gets you in a certain mood you intend to be in. For example, if you listen to a playlist to relax your mind, but ads suddenly disturb your mindset. Block the ads to keep your concentration consistent.
  • Drain Battery and Data – Listening to ads in between songs consumes more battery charge as well as mobile data. If you are traveling, both charge and data need to be preserved to any possible extent; hence, getting rid of ads is necessary.

Part 2. Why does Spotify Free Have So Many Ads?

If you are a free Spotify user and playing songs from a playlist, you know you get to listen to more ads than songs in your playlist. Here are the reasons why Spotify Free has so many ads.

  • Generate More Revenue: Over 50% of users have free Spotify accounts. That is why Spotify shows ads to the Spotify free users so that they can generate a huge chunk of ad revenue from the free users without paying anything. The ad revenue from free Spotify users exceeds the subscription revenue from premium Spotify users.
  • Get More Premium Users: So many ads will likely annoy free Spotify users, and some may consider going for a premium Spotify account. Once someone becomes a premium Spotify user, he is likely to renew the subscription and stay loyal to the platform.
  • Money For Podcasters: If you are getting more ads on podcasts, you should know that podcasters’ primary source of revenue is the ads they show on their podcasts. As a free Spotify user, you will get regular ads from Spotify and podcasters based on their contracts with brands.

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Part 3. How to Block Spotify Ads without Premium

Several legitimate methods are available to stop ads on Spotify without purchasing a premium subscription. You can use a VPN that blocks ads for security reasons. There are dedicated Ad blocking apps available for different devices. A Spotify music converter can be handy for playing songs offline without ads. We will now illustrate how to get no ads on Spotify.

1. Block Spotify Ads with A VPN

Every popular VPN application has the option to block ads on websites and apps you access on your device. If you install a VPN and turn on the ad-blocking option, you won’t see ads on the Spotify website or app even when you are a free Spotify user. In fact, you won’t see ads on any website or app.

NordVPN is a popular VPN with a threat protection option that effectively blocks ads on Spotify. NordVPN is available as a desktop application, browser extension, and mobile app to cater to all devices perfectly. Here are the steps to listen to songs on Spotify without ads.

Step 1: Download and install NordVPN on your device.

Step 2: Click on the Shield icon and turn on the Threat Protection option.

Block Spotify Ads with NordVPN

Step 3: Click on the Quick Connect option at the top-right corner.

Once NordVPN is connected, you can open Spotify free account and listen to songs without ads interrupting your playlist.

2. Use a Spotify Music Converter to Remove Ads

The most effective way of removing ads between the songs in your Spotify playlist is by using a Spotify to MP3 converter. You can download the songs in your playlist from Spotify on your computer without the ads. This lets you listen to the downloaded songs offline without ads or spending data. We recommend HitPaw Spotify Music Converter to download songs, playlists, and albums from your free Spotify account without ads.

The converter ensures complete lossless conversion to retain audio quality, and you can batch download Spotify songs not just in MP3 but also in WAV and M4A format. The downloaded songs will retain ID3 information and metadata for better organization. The best part is that it has a built-in Spotify web player to open any Spotify song and download it with a single click. Here are the steps to follow.

Free Trial

Step 1: Download and install HitPaw Video Converter. Launch the application and go to the Toolbox tab. Select the Spotify Music Converter.

Remove ads with HitPaw Spotify Music Converter

Step 2: Sign into your Spotify account. Search for songs or playlists on the built-in Spotify web player.

Step 3: Click the Download button to download the selected song or playlist.

Download Spotify music without ads

Step 4: Select the audio format you want to convert the songs and download from the Convert All To option at the bottom. You can also select the bitrate for the audio quality as well as the location where you want to save the songs on your hard drive.

Convert Spotify music without ads

Step 5: Click the Convert All button and wait patiently for the conversion. Visit the selected location to check out the downloaded song or playlist. Now, you can play them on your default music player offline without any ads.

3. Use Spotify Ads Blockers on Windows, Mac, iPhone, or Android

Instead of investing in a VPN, you can use a dedicated Spotify Ad blocker on your device to stop ads on the Spotify app. Most of these Spotify ad blockers come free of cost. Some have negligible one-time costs, which is more economical than paying a Spotify premium subscription regularly. We have compiled a list of the best Spotify ad blocks for users with different devices.

3.1. Purify(iOS)

If you listen to Spotify songs on your iPhone or iPad, Purify is the app you need to install to block ads on Spotify completely. The app will cost you a one-time fee of $1.99, and you can enjoy uninterrupted music on Spotify for a lifetime. Not just Spotify, it blocks ads from any website you browse on Safari web browser for a distraction-free browsing experience.

If you want, you can whitelist websites if you want to see ads on any website. The app boosts browsing speeds by blocking ads and ensures complete online safety by blocking trackers. The app will be effective as it saves mobile data and preserves battery charge by blocking ads.

3.2. SpotMute(Android)

SpotMute is a completely free Spotify ad blocker for Android users. The app mutes the portion when Spotify plays any ad between songs and unmutes whenever the ad is over. You need to enable the Device broadcast status on the Spotify app so that SpotMute can work effectively. Ensure that the memory or battery optimization option is turned off so that SpotMute can run in the background when you play songs in the Spotify app, and mute ads so you do not get disturbed.

3.3. SpotiAds(Chrome Extension)

If you use Chrome to access the Spotify web platform and listen to songs in your playlist, you can use SpotiAds to block ads disturbing your listening experience. SpotiAds is a Chrome extension that skips the ads that Spotify plays in between the songs and plays the following song. Therefore, there will be no long gap between a song ending and another song starting in the playlist. The extension is completely free and safe to use, and it is a must-have if you are a free Spotify user.

3.4. EZBlocker – Spotify Ad Blocker(Windows)

Windows users can use VPN, but why waste money when you can get a free Spotify ad blocker to get the job done? EZBlock is a simple Windows application that blocks ads from playing on Spotify. If there are ads it cannot block, it will mute the audio while the ad plays so that you do not listen to the advertisements and get disturbed. All you need to do is download the application and run it; the rest will be taken care of. The application is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11.

3.5. AdGuard Ad Blocker(Mac)

A few legit ad blockers are available for Mac users, and AdGuard is one of them. AdGuard can block all types of ads on your Mac so that you can have distraction-free browsing. Coming specifically to Spotify, AdGuard blocks ads and skips them so that the songs in your playlist play one by one without ad interruption. Whether using Safari or Chrome on Mac, the ad blocker works for all popular browsers through which users access the Spotify web platform.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spotify Ads Blocker

What version of Spotify does not have ads?

The premium individual subscription to Spotify does not have any ads. But it will cost you $9.99 per month, which is quite steep, considering there are different methods available for free or nominal charge to play songs without ads.

How frequent and long are Spotify ads?

Spotify ads are generally less than 30 seconds. The frequency of ads varies, and it can be after every song and every 3-5 songs in your playlist. Spotify has increased the frequency of ads to drive more revenue from free Spotify users.

Is it possible to skip Spotify ads?

No, it is not possible to skip Spotify ads manually. But you can use Spotify ad blockers to skip the ads automatically and jump to the next song in the playlist without interruption. Besides, you can use a Spotify music converter to download the playlist or album without ads and listen to them offline.


Ads in between songs in Spotify are annoying, but purchasing a premium Spotify subscription at a steep price is not really profitable. You can use a VPN to block Spotify ads when you use the Spotify web platform. Dedicated Spotify ad blocker apps are available for Android and iOS users. There are also ad blockers available for Windows and Mac users. However, it is more logical to use a music converter like HitPaw Spotify Music converter to download and play the songs offline without any ads.

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