Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder Review: Does It Work?

Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder allows you to effortlessly capture high-quality soundtracks from all streaming music sites like Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music.

It comes packed with fantastic features. For instance, the Automatic ID3 tagger. This clever tool automatically collects important details about each recorded file—titles, artists, and even album covers. Then there’s Cinch’s Ringtone Maker, which allows you to personalize your ringtones.

For Spotify free account users, there’s the Advertisement Removal tool. So, you can remove the pesky ad interruptions from the audio recordings with just one click by using the built-in AD filter.

Cinch also supports saving streaming music in uncompressed WAV format. So, you can experience music or podcast in its purest form—crystal-clear and top-notch!

And the best part: Cinch is designed with users in mind. Its user-friendly interface makes navigation a breeze and provides a hassle-free experience from start to finish. No tech headaches, just smooth sailing.

What I Like (Pros)

Cinch Audio Recorder is a standout for recording music from diverse platforms in high-quality MP3 or WAV formats. The automatic ID3 tagging is excellent for organizing your music library, and the ad removal feature is fantastic for Spotify-free users. Added gems like Muted Sound Recording and Ringtone Maker further enhance its appeal!

What I Don’t Like (Cons)

While Cinch’s interface is simple to use, it could do with a visual revamp and clearer fonts. Also, introducing a batch editing feature for ID3 tags would speed up managing multiple files. And having more audio formats than just MP3 and WAV would be better.

What Does Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder Do?

Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder not only simplifies the process of recording music from multiple online platforms but also offers much more. Here’s what the tool has to offer:

  • Records from all streaming music sites: Cinch captures music from Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music.
  • Auto-ID3 tagging: Automatically tags recorded files with title, artist, and album cover.
  • Muted Recordings with CAC Technology: Cinch captures the music directly from the source, bypassing your device’s volume settings.
  • Ad-free Spotify experience: Removes ads for Spotify free account users.
  • Ringtone maker: Converts favorite tracks into ringtones.
  • Editable ID3 info: Allows manual editing of ID3 information.
  • Lossless audio: Retains top audio quality with lossless WAV format support.
  • Customizable settings: Customization options, such as Bitrate selection and output settings.
  • Automatic split function: It automatically separates recordings during periods of extended silence (180 sections or more) if needed.

Is Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder Safe?

Absolutely! From my experience, Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder is completely safe to use. However, as with any software, ensure to download the Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder from its official website or a trusted source.

Is Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder Free?

Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder does have a free version, but it’s more like a taste tester. With its free version, you can record up to 5 songs, which is enough to test its capabilities. In comparison, the paid version offers lifetime updates, unlimited recording, free tech support, and licensing for up to 3 computers.

Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder Review: What’s In It for You?

With Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder, it’s all about capturing and personalizing your audio experiences. So, I’m going to break down its features and help you understand the benefits of the program (or shortcomings in detail).

1. Record Music from Various Streaming Platforms

Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder makes recording music from all streaming music sites like Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music a breeze. The best part? It automatically starts recording in the background, ensuring there are no awkward silences in your recordings.

Cinch Audio Recorder with the Record button

Another noteworthy feature is that Cinch does not require you to sign in to individual apps it supports. All you have to do is open your browser or the specific music app, play the songs, and Cinch will seamlessly begin recording in the background.

2. Automatic ID3 Tagger

When you use Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder to record a song from a supported platform, it automatically detects important details like the title, artist, and album cover. This clever feature ensures that your recorded songs are neatly organized and properly tagged.

Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder displaying automatically detected ID3 tags

And guess what? Even if your local music files don’t have any ID3 information at all, Cinch has got your back. With just a few clicks, you can import your music files using the “Import” menu. Simply select the songs you want or import them all, right-click, and choose “Regain ID3”. In a flash, Cinch will work its magic and quickly write ID3 tags into those songs. This means your local music library will be well-organized and super easy to search through.

Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder showcasing the Import button for loading local songs

3. ID3 Information Editor

Cinch also gives you the freedom to manually edit the ID3 tags. So, you can customize the title, artist name, and even add your preferred album cover on the recorded music according to your own preferences.

Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder manual editing of ID3 tags

4. Muted Sound Recording

Cinch’s CAC Technology enables you to mute your computer while still recording your desired music. How does it work? Cinch’s smart technology directly accesses the raw audio data from your sound card. This is helpful for when you might want to record music without disturbing the peaceful silence.

5. Ad Removal for Spotify Free Users

One of Cinch’s standout features is its built-in ad filter. This handy tool effectively weeds out intrusive ads during the recording process. As Cinch captures your playlist, it astutely differentiates between the music and ads. Consequently, it leaves out the ads and only includes the actual tracks, resulting in an ad-free, uninterrupted audio file.

This feature ensures your recording sessions yield clean, seamless audio files for your offline enjoyment.

6. Ringtone Maker

Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder includes a user-friendly Ringtone Maker. This nifty feature allows you to create personalized ringtones from any of your recorded tracks. The interface includes a convenient trimmer, enabling you to select and clip the exact segments of the song you prefer. Cinch provides an easy-to-use marker to specify the start and end points of your ringtone effortlessly.

Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder Ringtone Maker

This means you can transform any part of your beloved tunes into a custom ringtone, adding an individual touch to your device. With its simplicity and functionality, Cinch makes creating distinct and personalized ringtones an effortless and enjoyable task.

7. High-Quality Audio Saving

Cinch is about bringing quality to your recordings! It supports the commonly used MP3 format and also lets you save your favorite tunes in a lossless WAV format.

Cinch also lets you select the bitrate of your output file. You get to pick from 128, 192, and 320 kbps. Now, for those of you wondering what this means, a higher bitrate basically equals better audio quality.

8. Personalization

Cinch empowers you to personalize and customize your audio outputs. You can choose the output bitrate and control the quality of your audio files. Whether you enjoy podcasts or audiobooks, the option to split audio recordings with silences over 180 seconds is incredibly useful.

Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder Customizations options

All in all, Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder is a versatile and feature-rich program that transcends the boundaries of a typical recording tool. Its intuitive and straightforward interface enables you to capture all your favorite songs, arrange them effortlessly, and save them in your preferred format and location.

Best Alternatives to Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder

1. Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder

Streaming Audio Recorder

If you’re exploring alternatives to Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder, then Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder is worth your attention. It’s another comprehensive audio recording solution that lets you record any sound playing on your computer. This tool captures audio from various sources, including music streaming platforms, radio stations, voice chats, etc.

Like Cinch, Apowersoft also identifies ID3 tags, allowing for an organized music library. Additionally, it lets you convert audio to different formats and even create ringtones. Furthermore, Apowersoft’s user interface is clean and straightforward, making it simple for even beginners to navigate. However, it is not available on Mac devices.

2. Audials One

Audials One

Another good alternative to Cinch is Audials One. However, it’s not just an audio recorder; it’s a complete entertainment hub. You can record music from various streaming services, online radios, and even capture videos from streaming platforms.

One is its ability to record music at high speeds while maintaining excellent audio quality. It also offers auto-tagging and lets you organize your music based on genre, artists, or albums. If you’re someone who values having multiple entertainment options in one place, Audials One might be the choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder

How to record using Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder?

Recording with Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder is a simple 3-step process:

1. Download, install, and launch Cinch Audio Recorder Software by double-clicking its desktop icon.
2. Click on the “Start” button, a yellow circle located at the top left of the interface. This sets Cinch ready to record any music you play on your computer.
3. Play any music from Spotify or other streaming platforms. Cinch will automatically detect and record the sound. You can stop the recording anytime by clicking on the Recording button.

How much does Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder cost, and what are the benefits of the premium version?

Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder is priced at US$ 25.00 (one-time purchase). With the premium version, you enjoy a range of benefits. For instance, it offers lifetime updates, unlimited music recording, free technical support, and licensing for up to 3 computers.

Can Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder record from any streaming platform?

Yes, Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder is compatible with a variety of streaming platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music. Even if a platform isn’t officially listed, you can record audio using Cinch.

What are some good alternatives to Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder?

While Cinch offers a comprehensive set of features for audio recording, some might seek different tools. Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder and Audials One are viable alternatives, offering a range of recording and audio management features.


Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder is a solid tool for music enthusiasts who want to record audio from various streaming platforms. Its impressive features, like auto ID3 tagging, ad filtering, quality audio output, and intuitive interface, make it a standout option. While it has robust competition, Cinch holds its ground with its unique offerings. Your ultimate choice, however, should depend on your specific recording needs and preferences. So, decide accordingly — kudos!

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